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Parthian Glass

Vase with facets

PDC 23103

Vase with facets
PDC 23103a Gilan Province. 3rd-7th century. Height 19.4 cm. Private collection, Tokyo.
A teardrop-shaped vase made of thick pale green translucent glass. The surface is divided into twelve horizontal rows. There is one large circular facet at the base, with seven facets in the first row above the base, fourteen in the second row, seventeen in the third row, nineteen each in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh rows, sixteen in the eighth row, fifteen in the ninth row, thirteen in the tenth row, ten in the eleventh row, and nine in the top row. A hole .4 cm. in diameter perforates the center of the base.
 - Shinji Fukai, Persian Glass (New York: Weatherhill, 1977), plate no. 30 and figure 59
 - Photo by Bin Takahashi

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