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Cross Font Verification Image

The graphic image below shows what you should see on the four-color test charts in either a Macintosh or Windows browser, but only if you have the Cross and Cross Symbol fonts installed.

Note that on this image of the test chart you may see a minus sign, representing the soft hyphen character, which is located between the ? (logicalnot sign) and the ? (registered symbol). The minus sign may not appear on the four-color test charts in some browsers on some operating systems, depending on how they handle a soft hyphen. (For example, the minus is not seen in Internet Explorer 6 under Windows XP).

If you generated Cross font on a Macintosh using the Mac version of Macromedia's source code, you will see a filled-in square (filled-in square) in place of the florin sign (?) at ANSI code position 196 decimal. This is the designed glyph, not a problem with the browser display.

verify_cross.gif (550x784 -- 28855 bytes)

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