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CoinGreek Keyboard Charts

CautionThis is an outdated 8-bit font. It is not a Unicode font and is unsuitable for use on Internet web pages. It may be useful for internal documents or those to be exchanged with others who own the same font.

OpenType and TrueType NOTE: You cannot properly view pages from the following links without having the CoinGreek I and II fonts installed on your computer. Please download the fonts.

CoinGreek I & CoinGreek II Key Chart

The charts listed above provide on-line keyboard guides to the CoinGreek fonts. You may also download the charts in Adobe Reader PDF format. The PDF files can be printed as handy references.

The CoinGreek I and CoinGreek II Key Chart allows you to look up the keyboard entry by finding the Greek character.

The Key Cap charts map which character results from keyboard entry.

This page last updated 13 Mar 2021

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