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Cross Font Verification Image


CautionThis is an outdated 8-bit font. It is not a Unicode font and is unsuitable for use on Internet web pages. It may be useful for internal documents or those to be exchanged with others who own the same font.

TrueType and OpenType NOTE: You cannot view this page as intended unless you have the Cross and Cross Symbol fonts installed on your computer.


The graphic image below shows what you should see on the four-color test charts in either a Macintosh or Windows browser, but only if you have the Cross and Cross Symbol fonts installed.

Note that on this image of the test chart you may see a minus sign, representing the soft hyphen character, which is located between the ? (logicalnot sign) and the ? (registered symbol). The minus sign may not appear on the four-color test charts in some browsers on some operating systems, depending on how they handle a soft hyphen. (For example, the minus is not seen in Internet Explorer 6 under Windows XP).

If you generated Cross font on a Macintosh using the Mac version of Macromedia's source code, you will see a filled-in square (filled-in square) in place of the florin sign (?) at ANSI code position 196 decimal. This is the designed glyph, not a problem with the browser display.

verify_cross.gif (550x784 -- 28855 bytes)

This page last updated 13 Mar 2021

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