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Download Numismatica Pro Font

This page provides instructions for downloading and installation of the Numismatica Pro font. The font is distributed with only one restriction: if you change the font in any way, you must rename it.

DISCLAIMER: While no problems are expected that could damage your computer or cause loss of data, you must use caution installing and using these fonts.

  • Read the license before downloading the font
  • Download the Numismatica Pro font. The Numismatica Pro font is an Open Type Font (OTF) designed for use on all computers. The download package includes the Numismatica Pro font and supporting documents
    Download Numismatica Pro OpenType font (, version 1.78, published 29 April 2018)

    Note: There is a problem with iPhone and iPad. Apple's upgrade of operating system to iOS 11 broke fonts with Private Use Area glyphs. If you install the Numismatica Pro 1.78 on iPhone or iPad, you will see emoji instead of the monograms. I have contacted Apple and they logged the problem with no estimate for a fix.
  • The obsolete Numismatica 8-bit font is no longer available for download
  • Utilities
    Frequent users of fonts with special characters find that a utility to locate and insert the non-keyboard characters is essential.
    • For Microsoft Word users, both Macintosh and Windows, the easiest method to insert characters into a document is to use the Insert > Symbol menu, selecting "Numismatica Pro" as the font.
    • For the Macintosh, use a utility such as PopChar Pro to access characters not available from the keyboard. This program allows easy access to all the font's characters from a control panel pop-up.
    • Windows utilities include:
      • The Windows Character Map utility gives access to all of a font's characters, and allows constructing strings of characters for insertion into your documents.  To open Character Map in Windows, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Character Map.
      • An excellent utility which supports Unicode is BabelMap.


This page last updated 23 Feb 2021

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