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Glyph Chart Changes

These are the changes to the glyph chart:

Ver. 1.1.6, 18 Sep 2005
no changes except to update version number to sync with letterform names chart

Ver. 1.1.5, 10 Aug 2004 -
added Sigma.10, the TLG "three-bar right angle sigma"
added Digamma.09, "leaning F digamma"
added Iota.07 (same glyph as Xi.02)
corrected Omicron.05 (which had mistakenly changed to a dot in version 1.13-1.14)

Ver. 1.1.4, 2 Aug 2004 -
Added Digamma.08
Added Epsilon.16
Added Epsilon.15
Added Kappa.09
Added Psi.04
Added Psi.05
Added Psi.06
Added Rho.10

Ver. 1.1.3, not released -
Added Digamma.07
Alpha.04 mirrored
Digamma.05 mirrored

Ver. 1.1.2, 11 May 2003 -
Added Omega.11
Added Omega.12
Added Stigma.04

Ver. 1.1.0, 22 Apr 2003 -
Added Epsilon.13
Added Epsilon.14
Added Lambda.06
Added Lambda.07
Added Lambda.08
Added Nu.07
Added Nu.08
Added Xi.09
Added Xi.10
Added Chi.03
Added Chi.04
Added Omega.09
Added Omega.10
Added Nu.09
Added Koppa.05
Added Digamma.07
Added Sho

Ver. 1.0.9, 15 Apr 2003 -
Gamma.09 added
Beta.11 added

Ver. 1.0.8, 02 April 2003 -
Disigma deleted as a name for Greek characters
Disigma renamed to Sampi02
Sampi.03 added
Disigma.02 renamed to Sampi04
Stigma.03 added
The four circle annotations removed to permit additional Greek glyphs. They will be restored in the Unicode version

Ver. 1.0.7, 21 Jan 2003 - These were the last glyphs designed by Ralph Hancock
Epsilon.02 redesigned to have top and bottom arms more rounded
Omicron.03 enlarged and lowered
Omicron.04 enlarged and lowered
Phi.10 added
San added
Upsilon.06 added

Ver. 1.0.6, 27 Dec 2002 - No changes to position chart required when corrected Lambda.02 and Lambda.04 (glyphs were switched); corrected names of Lambda.03 (from "Lambda 3") and Lambda.04 (from "Lambda 4"). The font was unaffected so only the letterform names chart needed correction.

Ver. 1.0.5, 20 Aug 2000 - new letter Kappa.02 replaces "X". Characters Theta.02, Gamma.03, Gamma.04, Theta.06, and Theta.12 have their median dot increased in diameter.

Ver. 1.0.4, 21 Aug 2000 - Corrected chart to add  new glyph Kappa.02 and move the Kappa X to the alternate letterforms column. New glyph Pi.05 also added.

Ver. 1.0.3, 18 Aug 2000 - Added Omicron.04, previously omitted. Primary (unshifted) realigned to read Primary (shifted) to make the font compatible with documents which are created with MS Symbol font.

Ver. 1.0.2, 17 Aug 2000 - Corrected chart to show Lambda.02 as the unshifted character and moved Lambda.04 to the alternate letterforms column.

Ver. 1.0.1, 2 Aug 2000 - no changes to glyphs, but the Digamma section moved to follow Stigma, and also given the numeric value 6 for which it was used in some cases.

Original version 1.0.0, 11 Jul 2000

This page last updated 23 Feb 2021

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