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Unicode Numismatica Pro Character Set

PUA Assignments in Plane 15, Supplementary PUA-A

The characters that appear in the first column of the following table depend on the browser that you are using, the fonts installed on your computer, and the browser options you have chosen that determine the fonts used to display particular character sets, encodings or languages.

For this range, the Unicode standard does not specify any characters – anyone can produce a font and assign any characters they wish to the positions in this range. Windows operating systems through Windows 10 include Private Character Editor, which allows characters to be created and assigned to code points in this range. There are other Private Use areas in Plane 15 and Plane 16.

This chart uses the characters defined in the Private Use Area defined in Cardo ver. 4, updated October 29, 2004.

Use of 50% gray indicates that a character value is reserved but has not been created.  These reserved values are of two types: 1) characters that are not encoded per se but use the glyph from another letterform; 2) slots left blank to allow the addition of characters in the future.

U+F0000 – U+F01FF   (983040–983551)

Character Hex Name Note Note
F0000 Alpha.01 capital letter alpha sans-serif  
F0001 Alpha.02    
F0002 Alpha.03    
F0003 Alpha.04    
F0004 Alpha.05    
F0005 Alpha.06    
F0006 Alpha.07    
F0007 Alpha.08    
F0008 Alpha.09 = Delta.01  
F0009 Alpha.10 = Lambda.01  
F000A Alpha.11 = Iota.01  
  F000B   [reserved]  
  ò         ò  
  F000F   [reserved]  
F0010 Beta.01 capital letter beta sans-serif  
F0011 Beta.02    
F0012 Beta.03 = Sigma.06  
F0013 Beta.04    
F0014 Beta.05    
F0015 Beta.06    
F0016 Beta.07 = Gamma.07  
F0017 Beta.08 = Omicron.02  
F0018 Beta.09 = Iota.01  
F0019 Beta.10 = Gamma.02  
F001A Beta.11    
  F001B   [reserved]  
     ò         ò  
  F001F   [reserved]  
F0020 Gamma.01 capital letter gamma sans-serif  
F0021 Gamma.02    
F0022 Gamma.03    
F0023 Gamma.04    
F0024 Gamma.05    
F0025 Gamma.06 = Lambda.02  
F0026 Gamma.07 same glyph as U+10140, mirrored horiz.  
F0027 Gamma.08 = Lambda.01  
F0028 Delta.01 capital letter delta sans-serif  
F0029 Delta.02    
F002A Delta.03    
F002B Delta.04 = Lambda.01  
  F002C   [reserved]  
     ò         ò  
  F002F   [reserved]  
F0030 Epsilon.01 capital letter epsilon sans-serif  
F0031 Epsilon.02    
F0032 Epsilon.03 = Gamma.04  
F0033 Epsilon.04 = Eta.07  
F0034 Epsilon.05    
F0035 Epsilon.06    
F0036 Epsilon.07    
F0037 Epsilon.08    
F0038 Epsilon.09    
F0039 Epsilon.10    
F003A Epsilon.11    
F003B Epsilon.12 = Iota.01  
F003C Epsilon.13    
F003D Epsilon.14    
F003E Epsilon.15    
F003F Epsilon.16    
F0040 Stigma.01    
F0041 Stigma.02    
F0042 Stigma.03    
F0043 Stigma.04 = Epsilon.11  
F0044 Stigma.05    
F0045 Stigma.06    
F0046 Stigma.07    
  F0047   [reserved]  
F0048 Digamma.01    
F0049 Digamma.02    
F004A Digamma.03    
F004B Digamma.04    
F004C Digamma.05    
F004D Digamma.06 = Nu.03  
F004E Digamma.07 = Nu.01  
F004F Digamma.08    
F0050 Digamma.09    
  F0051   [reserved]  
F0052 Zeta.01 capital letter zeta sans-serif  
F0053 Zeta.02    
F0054 Zeta.03    
  F0055   [reserved]  
F0056 Eta.01 capital letter eta sans-serif  
F0057 Eta.02    
F0058 Eta.03    
F0059 Eta.04    
F005A Eta.05    
F005B Eta.06    
F005C Eta.07    
F005D Eta.08 = Epsilon.01  
  F005E   [reserved]  
  F005F   [reserved]  
F0060 Theta.01 capital letter theta sans-serif  
F0061 Theta.02    
F0062 Theta.03    
F0063 Theta.04    
F0064 Theta.05    
F0065 Theta.06    
F0066 Theta.07    
F0067 Theta.08    
F0068 Theta.09    
F0069 Theta.10    
F006A Theta.11    
F006B Theta.12    
F006C Theta.13    
F006D Theta.14 = Eta.02  
F006E Theta.15 = Omicron.02  
  F006F   [reserved]  
F0070 Iota.01 capital letter iota sans-serif  
F0071 Iota.02 = Sigma.05  
F0072 Iota.03    
F0073 Iota.04    
F0074 Iota.05    
F0075 Iota.06 = Sigma.06  
F0076 Iota.07 from TLG  
F0077 Kappa.01 capital letter kappa sans-serif  
F0078 Kappa.02    
F0079 Kappa.03 = Nu.01  
F007A Kappa.04 = Eta.01  
F007B Kappa.05 = Phi.02  
F007C Kappa.06 = Nu.07  
F007D Kappa.07    
F007E Kappa.08 = Chi.01  
F007F Kappa.09    
F0080 Lambda.01 capital letter lambda sans-serif  
F0081 Lambda.02    
F0082 Lambda.03 = Gamma.01  
F0083 Lambda.04 = Delta.01  
F0084 Lambda.05 = Gamma.04  
F0085 Lambda.06 = Gamma.05  
F0086 Lambda.07    
F0087 Lambda.08    
F0088 Mu.01 capital letter mu sans-serif  
F0089 Mu.02    
F008A Mu.03    
F008B Mu.04    
F008C Mu.05 = Pi.01  
F008D Mu.06 = San.01; sep. glyph here for sorting  
F008E Mu.07    
  F008F   [reserved]  
F0090 Nu.01 capital letter nu sans-serif  
F0091 Nu.02    
F0092 Nu.03    
F0093 Nu.04 same glyph as u10168 in Cardo  
F0094 Nu.05 = Chi.01  
F0095 Nu.06 = Eta.01  
F0096 Nu.07    
F0097 Nu.08 = Iota.03  
F0098 Xi.01 capital letter xi sans-serif  
F0099 Xi.02 = Iota.07  
F009A Xi.03    
F009B Xi.04    
F009C Xi.05    
F009D Xi.06    
F009E Xi.07 = Phi.02  
F009F Xi.08 = Chi.01  
F00A0 Xi.09 = Zeta.02  
F00A1 Omicron.01 capital letter omicron sans-serif  
F00A2 Omicron.02    
F00A3 Omicron.03    
F00A4 Omicron.04    
F00A5 Omicron.05    
F00A6 Omicron.06    
F00A7 Omicron.07 = Theta.02  
F00A8 Omicron.08 = Sigma.02)  
F00A9 Pi.01 capital letter pi sans-serif  
F00AA Pi.02 = u10143; separate glyph here for sorting  
F00AB Pi.03    
F00AC Pi.04 = Rho.08  
F00AD Pi.05    
F00AE Pi.06 = uni03FD  
  F00AF   [reserved]  
F00B0 San.01 uni03FA; = Mu.06  
F00B1 San.02 = Mu.02  
F00B2 Koppa.01    
F00B3 Koppa.02    
F00B4 Koppa.03    
F00B5 Koppa.04    
F00B6 Koppa.05    
F00B7 Rho.01 capital letter rho sans-serif  
F00B8 Rho.02    
F00B9 Rho.03 = Eta.07  
F00BA Rho.04    
F00BB Rho.05 = Iota.01  
F00BC Rho.06    
F00BD Rho.07    
F00BE Rho.08    
F00BF Rho.09    
F00C0 Rho.10    
F00C1 Sigma.01 capital letter sigma sans-serif  
F00C2 Sigma.02    
F00C3 Sigma.03 = Epsilon.11  
F00C4 Sigma.04 = Iota.01  
F00C5 Sigma.05    
F00C6 Sigma.06    
F00C7 Sigma.07    
F00C8 Sigma.08    
F00C9 Sigma.09    
F00CA Sigma.10 for TLG  
F00CB Sho.01    
F00CC Tau.01 capital letter tau sans-serif  
F00CD Tau.02    
F00CE Tau.03 = Iota.01  
F00CF Tau.04 = Eta.07  
F00D0 Upsilon.01 capital letter upsilon sans-serif  
F00D1 Upsilon.02    
F00D2 Upsilon.03    
F00D3 Upsilon.04    
F00D4 Upsilon.05 glyph should be mirrored horiz.  
F00D5 Upsilon.06    
F00D6 Phi.01 capital letter phi sans-serif  
F00D7 Phi.02    
F00D8 Phi.03    
F00D9 Phi.04 = Iota.01  
F00DA Phi.05 = Chi.01  
F00DB Phi.06 = Eta.07  
F00DC Phi.07    
F00DE Phi.08    
F00DE Phi.09 = Theta.02  
F00DF Phi.10    
F00E0 Chi.01 capital letter chi sans-serif  
F00E1 Chi.02    
F00E2 Chi.03 = Psi. 02  
F00E3 Chi.04 = Phi.02  
F00E4 Psi.01 capital letter psi sans-serif  
F00E5 Psi.02    
F00E6 Psi.03 = Chi.02  
F00E7 Psi.04 = Chi.01  
F00E8 Psi.05    
F00E9 Psi.06    
F00EA Omega.01 capital letter omega sans-serif  
F00EB Omega.02    
F00EC Omega.03 = Theta.02  
F00ED Omega.04 = Omicron.01  
F00EE Omega.05 = Lambda.01  
F00EF Omega.06    
F00F0 Omega.07    
F00F1 Omega.08    
F00F2 Omega.09    
F00F3 Omega.10 = Omicron.04  
F00F4 Omega.11    
F00F5 Omega.12    
F00F6 Sampi.01    
F00F7 Sampi.02    
F00F8 Sampi.03 = Tau.01  
F00F9 Sampi.04    
  F00FA   [reserved]  
  ò   ò  
  F00FF   [reserved]  

Character Hex Name Note Note
F0100 Alpha.01r Alpha.01  
F0101 Alpha.02r Alpha.02  
F0102 Alpha.03r    
F0103 Alpha.04r    
F0104 Alpha.05r    
F0105 Alpha.06r    
F0106 Alpha.07r    
F0107 Alpha.08r    
F0108 Alpha.09r = Delta.01r  
F0109 Alpha.10r = Lambda.01r  
F010A Alpha.11r = Iota.01  
  F010B   [reserved]  
     ò         ò  
  F010F   [reserved]  
F0110 Beta.01r    
F0111 Beta.02r    
F0112 Beta.03r = Sigma.06r  
F0113 Beta.04r    
F0114 Beta.05r    
F0115 Beta.06r    
F0116 Beta.07r = Gamma.07r  
F0117 Beta.08r = Omicron.02  
F0118 Beta.09r = Iota.01  
F0119 Beta.10r = Gamma.02r  
F011A Beta.11r    
  F011B   [reserved]  
     ò         ò  
  F011F   [reserved]  
F0120 Gamma.01r    
F0121 Gamma.02r    
F0122 Gamma.03r    
F0123 Gamma.04r    
F0124 Gamma.05r    
F0125 Gamma.06r = Lambda.02r  
F0126 Gamma.07r same glyph as U+10140, mirrored horiz.  
F0127 Gamma.08r = Lambda.01  
F0128 Delta.01r ***  
F0129 Delta.02r    
F012A Delta.03r    
F012B Delta.04r = Lambda.01  
  F012C   [reserved]  
     ò         ò  
  F012F   [reserved]  
F0130 Epsilon.01r    
F0131 Epsilon.02r    
F0132 Epsilon.03r = Gamma.04r  
F0133 Epsilon.04r = Eta.07r  
F0134 Epsilon.05r    
F0135 Epsilon.06r    
F0136 Epsilon.07r    
F0137 Epsilon.08r    
F0138 Epsilon.09r    
F0139 Epsilon.10r    
F013A Epsilon.11r    
F013B Epsilon.12r = Iota.01  
F013C Epsilon.13r    
F013D Epsilon.14r    
F013E Epsilon.15r    
F013F Epsilon.16r    
F0140 Stigma.01r    
F0141 Stigma.02r    
F0142 Stigma.03r    
F0143 Stigma.04r = Epsilon.11r  
F0144 Stigma.05r    
F0145 Stigma.06r    
F0146 Stigma.07r    
  F0147   [reserved]  
F0148 Digamma.01r    
F0149 Digamma.02r    
F014A Digamma.03r    
F014B Digamma.04r    
F014C Digamma.05r    
F014D Digamma.06r = Nu.03rr  
F014E Digamma.07r = Nu.01r  
F014F Digamma.08r    
F0150 Digamma.09r    
  F0151   [reserved]  
F0152 Zeta.01r    
F0153 Zeta.02r Zeta.02  
F0154 Zeta.03r Zeta.03  
F0155   [reserved]  
F0156 Eta.01r Eta.01  
F0157 Eta02r Eta.02  
F0158 Eta.03r Eta.03  
F0159 Eta.04r    
F015A Eta.05r Eta.05  
F015B Eta.06r    
F015C Eta.07r    
F015D Eta.08r = Epsilon.01r  
  F015E   [reserved]  
  F015F   [reserved]  
F0160 Theta.01r Theta.01  
F0161 Theta.02r Theta.02  
F0162 Theta.03r Theta.03  
F0163 Theta.04r Theta.04  
F0164 Theta.05r Theta.05  
F0165 Theta.06r Theta.06  
F0166 Theta.07r Theta.07  
F0167 Theta.08r Theta.08  
F0168 Theta.09r Theta.09  
F0169 Theta.10r Theta.10  
F016A Theta.11r Theta.11  
F016B Theta.12r Theta.12  
F016C Theta.13r Theta.13  
F016D Theta.14r = Eta.02  
F016E Theta.15r = Omicron.02  
  F016F   [reserved]  
F0170 Iota.01r Iota.01  
F0171 Iota.02r = Sigma.05r  
F0172 Iota.03r    
F0173 Iota.04r    
F0174 Iota.05r    
F0175 Iota.06r = Sigma.06r  
F0176 Iota.07r from TLG  
F0177 Kappa.01r    
F0178 Kappa.02r    
F0179 Kappa.03r = Nu.01r  
F017A Kappa.04r = Eta.01  
F017B Kappa.05r = Phi.02  
F017C Kappa.06r = Nu.07r  
F017D Kappa.07r    
F017E Kappa.08r = Chi.01  
F017F Kappa.09r    
F0180 Lambda.01r = Lambda.01  
F0181 Lambda.02r    
F0182 Lambda.03r = Gamma.01r  
F0183 Lambda.04r = Delta.01  
F0184 Lambda.05r = Gamma.04r  
F0185 Lambda.06r = Gamma.05r  
F0186 Lambda.07r    
F0187 Lambda.08r    
F0188 Mu.01r = San.01  
F0189 Mu.02r = San.02  
F018A Mu.03r    
F018B Mu.04r    
F018C Mu.05r = Pi.01  
F018D Mu.06r = San.01  
F018E Mu.07r = San.02  
  F018F   [reserved]  
F0190 Nu.01r    
F0191 Nu.02r    
F0192 Nu.03r    
F0193 Nu.04r    
F0194 Nu.05r = Chi.01  
F0195 Nu.06r = Eta.01  
F0196 Nu.07r    
F0197 Nu.08r = Iota.04r  
F0198 Xi.01r = Xi.01  
F0199 = Xi.02 = Iota.07  
F019A Xi.03r    
F019B Xi.04r = Xi.04  
F019C Xi.05r = Xi.05  
F019D Xi.06r = Xi.06  
F019E Xi.07r = Phi.02  
F019F Xi.08r = Chi.01  
F01A0 Xi.09r = Zeta.02  
F01A1 Omicron.01r = Omicron.01  
F01A2 Omicron.02r = Omicron.02  
F01A3 Omicron.03r Omicron.03  
F01A4 Omicron.04r = Omicron.04  
F01A5 Omicron.05r = Omicron.05  
F01A6 Omicron.06r = Omicron.06  
F01A7 Omicron.07r = Theta.02  
F01A8 Omicron.08r = Sigma.06  
F01A9 Pi.01r = Pi.01  
F01AA Pi.02r    
F01AB Pi.03r = Pi.03  
F01AC Pi.04r = Rho.08r  
F01AD Pi.05r = Pi.05  
F01AE Pi.06r = Sigma.06r  
  F01AF   [reserved]  
F01B0 San.01r = Mu.06  
F01B1 San.02r = Mu.02  
F01B2 Koppa.01r = Koppa.01  
F01B3 Koppa.02r = Koppa.02  
F01B4 Koppa.03r = Koppa.03  
F01B5 Koppa.04r = Koppa.04  
F01B6 Koppa.05r = Koppa.05  
F01B7 Rho.01r    
F01B8 Rho.02r    
F01B9 Rho.03r = Eta.07r  
F01BA Rho.04r    
F01BB Rho.05r = Iota.01  
F01BC Rho.06r    
F01BD Rho.07r    
F01BE Rho.08r    
F01BF Rho.09r    
F01C0 Rho.10r    
F01C1 Sigma.01r    
F01C2 Sigma.02r = U+03FD  
F01C3 Sigma.03r = Epsilon.11r  
F01C4 Sigma.04r = Iota.01  
F01C5 Sigma.05r    
F01C6 Sigma.06r    
F01C7 Sigma.07r    
F01C8 Sigma.08r    
F01C9 Sigma.09r    
F01CA Sigma.10r for TLG  
F01CB uni03F7.01r aka Sho.01r  
F01CC Tau.01r = Tau.01  
F01CD Tau.02r    
F01CE Tau.03r = Iota.01; separate glyph not needed  
F01CF Tau.04r = Eta.07r  
F01D0 Upsilon.01r = Upsilon.01  
F01D1 Upsilon.02r = Upsilon.02  
F01D2 Upsilon.03r = Upsilon.03  
F01D3 Upsilon.04r    
F01D4 Upsilon.05r    
F01D5 Upsilon.06r = Upsilon.06  
F01D6 Phi.01r = Phi.01  
F01D7 Phi.02r = Phi.02  
F01D8 Phi.03r = Phi.03  
F01D9 Phi.04r = Iota.01  
F01DA Phi.05r = Chi.01  
F01DB Phi.06r = Eta.07  
F01DC Phi.07r    
F01DE Phi.08r = Phi.08r  
F01DE Phi.09r = Theta.02  
F01DF Phi.10r = Phi.10  
F01E0 Chi.01r = Chi.01  
F01E1 Chi.02r = Chi.02  
F01E2 Chi.03r = Psi.02  
F01E3 Chi.04r = Phi.02  
F01E4 Psi.01r = Psi.01  
F01E5 Psi.02r = Psi.02  
F01E6 Psi.03r = Chi.02  
F01E7 Psi.04r = Chi.01  
F01E8 Psi.05r = Psi.05  
F01E9 Psi.06r = Psi.06  
F01EA Omega.01r = Omega.01  
F01EB Omega.02r = Omega.02  
F01EC Omega.03r = Theta.02  
F01ED Omega.04r = Omicron.01  
F01EE Omega.05r = Lambda.01  
F01EF Omega.06r = Omega.06  
F01F0 Omega.07r = Omega.07  
F01F1 Omega.08r = Omega.08  
F01F2 Omega.09r = Omega.09  
F01F3 Omega.10r = Omicron.04  
F01F4 Omega.11r = Omega.11  
F01F5 Omega.12r = Omega.12  
F01F6 Sampi.01r    
F01F7 Sampi.02r    
F01F8 Sampi.03r = Tau.01  
F01F9 Sampi.04r = Sampi.04  
  F01FA   [reserved]  
  ò   ò  
  F01FF   [reserved]  
Variants of Unicode characters needed to print acrophonic numerals (4)
F0200 slash.01 solidus alt1
F0201 greater.01 greater-than sign alt1
F0202 less.01 less-than sign alt1
F0203 uni25EF.01 large circle alt1
Variants of acrophonic numerals  (13) and non-Unicode acrophonic (3)
F0204 u10145.01 attic 500 units alt1
F0205 u10157.01 attic 10 mnas alt1
F0206 u10157.02 attic 10 mnas alt2
F0207 u10157.03 attic 10 mnas alt3
F0208 u10165.01 thespian 30 units alt1
F0209 u10165.02 thespian 30 units alt2
F020A u10165.03 thespian 30 units alt3
F020B u10165.04 thespian 30 units alt4
F020C u10165.05 thespian 30 units alt5
F020D u10169.01 thespian 50 units alt1
F020E u10169.02 thespian 50 units alt2
F020F u1016E.01 thespian 500 units alt1
F0210 u1016E.02 thespian 500 units alt2
F0211 uF0211 physcan 100 mnas
F0212 uF0212 acrophonic 10,000 talents                              #819
F0213 uF0213 acrophonic 5,000 staters                                #828
  F0214   [reserved]
     ò         ò
  F021D   [reserved]
Variants of editorial and numeric characters (30)
F021E uni205C.01 starred cross alt1  
F021F uni205C.02 dotted cross alt2 #1525
F0220 uni2E0E.01 editorial coronis alt1  
F0221 uni2E0E.02 editorial coronis alt2  
F0222 uni2E0E.03 editorial coronis alt3 #302
F0223 uni2E0E.04 editorial coronis alt4 upper half  
F0224 uni2E0E.05 editorial coronis alt5 lower half  
F0225 u10179.01 greek year sign alt1  
F0226 u1017C.01 greek obol sign alt1  
F0227 u1017D.01 greek two obols sign alt1  
F0228 u10183.01 greek litra sign alt1  
F0229 u10185.01 greek xestes sign alt1  
F022A u10185.02 greek xestes sign alt2 #105
F022B u10186.01 greek artabe sign alt1  
F022C u10186.02 greek artabe sign alt2  
F022D u10186.03 greek artabe sign alt3  
F022E u10177.01 greek two thirds sign alt1  (also #137) #134
  F022F   [reserved]  
F0230 uni2E0F.01 paragraphos alt 1 double #306
F0231 uni2E0F.02 paragraphos  alt 2 #457
F0232 dagger.01 dagger alt1 %157
F0233 dagger.02 dagger alt2 #1504
F0234 dotbelowcomb.01 combining double dot below  
F0235 uni2E10.01 forked paragraphos alt1  
F0236 uni2E11.01 reversed forked paragraphos alt1  
F0237 u10175.01 greek symbol half type 1 alt1  
F0238 u10175.02 greek symbol half type 1 alt2  
F0239 u10175.03 greek symbol half type 1 alt3  
  F023A   [reserved]  
  F023B   [reserved]  
Musical Variants (13)
F023C plus.01 plus sign alt1
F023D uni0305.01 combining overline alt1
◌◌ F023E uni0305.02 combining overline alt2
F023F uni0307.01 combining dot above alt1
F0240 uni0307.02 combining dot above alt2
F0241 u1D20F.01 vocal notation symbol 16 alt1
F0242 u1D242.01 musical triseme alt1
F0243 u1D242.02 musical triseme alt2
F0244 u1D242.03 musical triseme alt3
F0245 u1D242.04 musical triseme alt4
F0246 u1D242.05 musical triseme alt5
F0247 u1D243.01 musical tetraseme alt1
F0248 u1D244.01 musical pentaseme alt1
F0249 u1D245.01 musical leima alt1

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