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Coin Photography with Nikon Coolpix

This page is not generally advertised except to those interested in digital coin photography.

I've cobbled together a "stage" for photographing coins. The parts are from a flash bracket (Stroboframe LP Macro Flash Bracket) and the low profile quick release plate (Bogen/Manfrotto 3270) from a Bogen tripod. The merits of this device are the portability, the ability to orient the coin to catch the light (the slight adhesive quality of the cork on the Bogen quick mount allows 45 degree tilt), ability to shoot hand-held since the coin is connected to the lens, and the positioning of the stage parallel to the "film plane". Here's what it looks like:

CoinStroboframe-1.jpg  CoinStroboframe-2.jpg

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This page last updated 27 Feb 2021

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