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Coins of Rome about Parthia:
Julius Caesar (49-44 B.C.)

While none of Caesar's coins specifically mentions Parthia, I include a coin from a massive issue struck in the four week period February-March 44 B.C. to pay for Caesar's projected Parthian War. These coins were often struck carelessly and are normally encountered with peripheral weakness, perhaps evidence of the mint's haste to complete its task. Caesar was murdered by a group of senators led by Brutus and Cassius just before his departure. Successfully avenging Crassus' disastrous defeat and loss of legionary standards to Parthia at Carrhae (53 B.C.) would have made him too strong in the opinion of his political opponents; additionally, Caesar planned to ask for the title of king in advance of his campaign against Parthia (for the Sibylline Books prophesied that only a king could conquer Parthia). So ended Caesar's life, but not his legacy, which was carried forth by Marc Antony and Octavian, and which survived in the form of the Julio-Claudians dynasty and the first six emperors of Rome.

Coins in the Name of Caesar

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Catalog Denom Inscription Reverse Type

Julius Caesar  49-44 B.C.

RSC 39
BMCRR 4173
Cohen 39
denarius CAESAR DICT PERPETVO / P SEPVLLIVS MACER Venus stand. L holding Victory in R hand, sceptre in L hand set on shield

The images are used by permission of their copyright owners. See the Coins of Rome about Parthia index page for a listing of these generous individuals, dealers and institutions.

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