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Coins of Rome about Parthia:
Gordian III (A.D. 238-244)

M. Antonius Gordianus was the grandson of Gordian I and the nephew of Gordian II. He was given the title of Caesar by the joint emperors Balbinus and Pupienus and after their murders was proclaimed Augustus by the Praetorian guard. Little is known about his reign; one of the few recorded events was a rebellion in Africa, promptly suppressed, in A.D. 240. In A.D. 242 Gordian went east to direct the Persian campaign in person, and his first actions were so successful that the enemy were compelled to evacuate Mesopotamia. But due to treachery on the part of M. Julius Philippus, the praetorian prefect, the loyalty of his troops was undermined and Gordian was deposed and murdered near Circesium in Mesopotamia.

Coins in the Name of Gordian III

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Catalog Denom Inscription Reverse Type

Gordian III  A.D. 238-244

RIC 213 anton IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG / ORIENS AVG Sol stand. L, raising R hand and holding globe in L
SGI 3639 AE25 ΑΥΤ Κ Μ ΑΝΤΝΙΟC ΓΟΡΔΙΑΝΟC / ΕΔΕΑΙΩΝ Edessa: Roma seated L on cuirass, holding Nike and parazonium, crowned by city goddess standing behind, holding cornucopia
CHRE 2077 AE24 Laur. head of Gordian right / ΑΒΓΑΡΟΣ Edessa: bust of Abgar X right; cf BMC 144ff.

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