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Coins of Rome about Parthia:
Maximian (A.D. 286-305)

Aurelius Valerius Maximianus was born in Pannonia of humble origin. He was associated with the emperor Diocletian. He abdicated with Diocletian in A.D. 305, but returned to champion the cause of his son, Maxentius, who had claimed the throne in opposition to Galerius and Constantius. Because of complicity in a plot against Constantine, he was ordered to end his own life.

See the biography of Maximianus Herculius at De Imperatoribus Romanis, an online encyclopedia of Roman emperors.

Coins in the Name of Maximian

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Catalog Denom Inscription Reverse Type

Maximian A.D. 286-305

Bastien 595bis anton GAL VAL MAXIMIANVS NOB C / ORIENS AVGG Sol adv. L, holding whip in L and raising R; to L and R, captive

The images are used by permission of their copyright owners. See the Coins of Rome about Parthia index page for a listing of these generous individuals, dealers and institutions.

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