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Sarianidi, Viktor Ivanovich (continued)
The golden hoard of Bactria : from the Tillya-tepe excavations in northern Afghanistan (1985)
New York: Abrams, 1985, 258 p.
Abstract: Translation of Zoloto Baktrii
Bactrian gold : from the excavations of the Tillya-tepe Necropolis in northern Afghanistan / The Institute of Archaeology of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, the National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul ; [Text and selection by Victor Sarianidi] (1985)
Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers, 1985, 258 p.
Abstract: Transliterated title: Zoloto baktrii. Translated from the Russian by Arthur Shkarovsky-Raffé. Tillia-tepe is the site of the only Parthian gold coin found in archaelogical context. The gold coin was found in Site 6 and is described and pictured on pages 47, 52-53, 186, and 258. Two additional Parthian coins and a Roman coin are also pictured and described.
Khram i nekropol Tilliatepe / V.I. Sarianidi ; otvetstvennyi redaktor G.A. Koshelenko (1989)
Moscow: Nauka, 1989, 233 p.
Abstract: Tillia-tepe is the site of the only Parthian gold coin found in archaelogical context.

Pugachenkova and Rempel, "Tillia-tepe" (1991) challenge some of Sarianidi's conclusions, and make a case for the entire complex of coins from Tillya-tepe invoking a Saka-Parthian and Indo-Parthian milieux rather than that of the Yuëh-chih.

See review: Olbrycht, M. J., Folia Orientalia 27 (1990), 273-275 (in English).
"The Golden Hoard of Bactria" (1990)
National Geographic, 1990, vol. 177, no. 3, p. 50-75.
Abstract: Photograph of a gold Parthian coin on page 60. Tillia-tepe is the site of the only Parthian gold coin found in archaelogical context.
Vasilikoi taphoi ste Vaktriane / Viktor Sarigiannides [Unif title: Zoloto Baktrii] (1995)
Thessalonike: Ekdot. Oikos Aphon Kyriakide, 1995, 176 p.
Abstract: Tillia-tepe is the site of the only Parthian gold coin found in archaelogical context.
"Traces of Parthian Culture in the Cemetery of Tillya Tepe (Afghanistan)" (1998)
In: Curtis, Vesta Sarkhosh, Hillenbrand, Robert & Rogers, Michael (eds.), The art and archaeology of ancient Persia : new light on the Parthian and Sasanian empires
London: I.B. Tauris, 1996, p. 20-23.
Abstract: The art of the Parthian and Sasanian empires exercised enormous influence on art and culture in the early Islamic period and its legacy has continuing relevance in modern times. Pre-Islamic stylistic developments and motifs were widely adopted in the Islamic period: traditional mosque architecture, for example, draws much from Parthian and Sasanian forms.
Sarianidi, Viktor Ivanovich & Koshelenko, G. A.
"Moneti iz raskopok nekropolya, raspolo-zhennogo na gorodischche Tillya-tepe (Severniy Afghanistan)" [Coins from the Excavations of the Necropolis on the Tillya-tepe Site] (1982)
In: Drevnyay Indiya. Istoriko-kul'turnie svyazi [Ancient India. Historical and Cultural Relations]
Moscow: 1982, p. 307-311.
Abstract: Tillya-tepi is the site of the only Parthian gold coin found in archaelogical context.
Sarkisyan, G. K.
Samoupravlyayushchiysya gorod Selevkidskoy Vavilonii (1952)
Vestnik Drevnei Istorii, 1952, no. 1, p. 68-83.
Sarre, Friedrich
"Ein bronzenes Bildnisköpfchen parthischer Herkunft" (1911)
In: Amtliche Berichte der Berliner Museen, vol. 32
1911, p. 97-100.
L'art de la Perse ancienne [traduction de Paul Budry, 150 planches hors texte] (1921)
Paris: Crès et cie, 1921, 65 p.
Abstract: Traduction de Paul Budry. Préface; L'art de la période achéménide 550 à 331 av JC; L'art de la période séleucide et de la période Parthe 323 av JC à 226 ap JC; L'art de la période sassanide 226 à 636 ap JC. 150 planches n&b hors texte.
"Einige Metallarbeiten parthisch-sassanidischen Stils in der islamischen Kunstabteilung" (1931)
Berliner Museen : Berichte aus den preuszischen Kunstsammlungen, 1931, vol. 52, p. 95-101.
"Parthian Art" (1981)
In: Pope, Arthur Upham & Ackerman, Phyllis (eds.), A Survey of Persian art from prehistoric times to the present (1981 Centennial edition), vol 1
1938, p. 406-410.
Sartiges, Vicomte de
Collection du vicomte de Sartiges. Séries grecque et romaine en 1910, ainsi que les acquisitions depuis cette date (19??)
Paris: D. A. Longuet
Savage, Elizabeth (ed.)
Seleucia-on-the-Tigris : an exhibition of the excavations at Seleucia, Iraq, by the University of Michigan, 1927-32, 1936-37 (1977)
Sawaya, A.
The Akura hoard of Parthian coins, 1994 (CH 9.591) (2002)
In: Meadows, Andrew & Wartenberg, Ute (eds.), Coin hoards. Volume IX, Greek hoards
London: Royal Numismatic Society, 2002, 292 p.
Sayce, A. H.
"Two Notes on Hellenic Asia I, The Aramaic Parchment from Avroman" (1919)
Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1919, vol. 39, p. 202-204.
Sayles, Wayne G.
Ancient Coin Collecting I (1996)
Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1996
Abstract: A one paragraph account of Parthian coinage, p. 135, with pictures of 5 Parthian coins from the Shore collection which, he mentions, was sold at auction [see Classical Numismatic Group Dec 1995 catalog]. A second paragraph introduces Sasanian coins with two pictured, p. 136.
Ancient Coin Collecting III: The Roman World -- Politics and Propaganda (1997)
Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1997, 198 p.
Abstract: An enlarged color photograph of the obverse of a rare Q. Labienus gold aureus graces the dust jacket of this book, a small picture of the coin is on p. 172 and a black and white enlargement of the reverse is found on page 182.
Ancient Coin Collecting VI : Non-Classical cultures (1999)
Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1999
Abstract: Covers the Parthians, Sasanians, Celts, Islam, Axumites, Sabaeans, Himyarites, Goths, etc.
Šcapova, J. L.
"On the Material and Manufacturing Technique of the Finial from the Temple of the Oxus" (2000)
Parthica, 2000, vol. 2, p. 143-146.
Schaeder, Hans Heinrich
Iranische Beiträge (1930)
Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1930
"Beiträge zur iranischen Sprachgeschichte" (1935)
Ungarische Jahrbücher, 1935, vol. 15, p. 560-588.
"Beiträge zur mitteliranischen Schrift-und Sprachgeschichte" (1942)
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 1942, vol. 96, p. 1-22.
Schafer, Charles & Schafer, Violet
Breadcraft. A Connoisseur's collection of Bread Recipes: What Bread Is, How You Make It, & How You Can Create Your Own Bread Style (1974)
San Francisco: Yuerba Buena Press, 1974
Abstract: The book is illustrated with line illustrations in black & white. The recipes are fascinating: You'll learn to bake ancient breads from biblical times, breads from all over the world, bread sculpture, traditional breads, health breads, flat breads, and more -- includes receipe for Parthian bread.
Schieber, Andre Shimon
The Flavian Eastern policy (1976)
Buffalo, New York: State University of New York at Buffalo, 1976, vi+295 p.
Abstract: Thesis--State University of New York at Buffalo. Bibliography: leaves 291-295. Microfilm of typescript. Ann Arbor, Mich. : Xerox University Microfilms, 1976.
"Antony and Parthia" (1979)
Rivista Storica dell'antichità, 1979, vol. 9, p. 105-124.
Schippmann, Klaus
"Hinweise and Anmerkungen zu einigen sasanidischen Monumenten" (1969)
Iran, 1969, vol. 7, p. 160-162.
Grundzüge der parthischen Geschichte (1980)
In: Grundzüge ; Bd. 39
Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1980, ix+132 p.
Abstract: Includes bibliographical references (p. 129-132). See reviews by Józef Wolski in Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft, Bd. 54 (1982). - S. 43-46; review by E.W.Gray, JRS 75 (1985), 250-252.

Map on endpapers.
"Parthian sites in Hyrcania: the Gurgan plain by M. Yusuf Kiani" (book review) (1984)
In: Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft, vol. 56
1984, p. 349-352.
"The Arsacids, II. The Arsacid Dynasty" (1986)
In: Encyclopædia Iranica
1986, vol. 2, no. 5, p. 525-536.
"The Arsacids. ii. The Arsacid Dynasty" (1986)
In: Encyclopaedia Iranica, vol. 2
1986, p. 525-536.
"Artabanus" (1986)
In: Encyclopædia Iranica
1986, vol. 2, no. 6, p. 647-650.
"Archaeology, III. Seleucid and Parthian" (1986)
In: Encyclopædia Iranica
1986, p. 297-301.
Schlesinger, K.

"Do as the Romans and the Parthians Do: An Analysis and Sample Game of Trajan (also simplified scenario setups)" (1992)
Moves, 1992, no. 69 (April/May)
Abstract: Decision Games magazine.
Schlumberger, Daniel
"Descendants non méditerranéens de l'art grec" (1960)
Syria, 1960, vol. 37, p. 131-166 & 253-319.
"The Excavations at Surkh Kotal and the Problem of Hellenism in Bactria and India" (1961)
In: Proceedings of the British Academy, 47
1961, p. 77-95.
Nachkommen der griechischen Kunst außerhalb des Mittelmeerraums (1969)
In: Altheìm, Franz & Rehork, Joachim (eds.), Der Hellenismus in Mittelasien (=Wege der Forschung, Bd. XCI).
Darmstadt: 1969, p. 281-405.
L'Orient hellénisé; l'art grec et ses héritiers dans l'Asie non méditerranéenne (1970)
In: Art dans le monde. Civilisations européennes
Paris: A. Michel, 1970, 246 p.
Abstract: Beautiful color plates tipped in. Includes Palmyra, Dura-Europos, Assour, Hatra, Babylonia and the Sasanians, all with respect to the central discussion theme of Parthian art.
Art parthe, art greco-bouddhique, art greco-romain (Résumé) (1971)
In: VII Congresso Internazionale di archeologia classica, Roma-Napoli, 1968
Roma: 1971, 6 p.
Der hellenisierte Orient (1980)
In: Kunst der Welt. Ihre geschichtlichen, soziologischen und religiösen Grundlagen
Baden-Baden: Holle, 1980, 257 p.
Abstract: Ausgezeichnete, gut bebilderte Einführung in die Kunst des hellenisierten Orients außerhalb des römischen Reiches: Iranisch-hellenistische Königshöfe, u.a. Kommagene, Parther und ihre Einflußsphäre. Kushanreich. [Publisher]
"Parthian Art" (1983)
In: Yarshater, E. (ed.), The Cambridge History of Iran. The Seleucid, Parthian and Sasanian Periods, vol. 3, part 2
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983, p. 1027-1054.
Schlumberger, Daniel and Bernard P.
"Aï Khanoum" (1965)
Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique, 1965, vol. 79, p. 590ff.
Schlumberger, Daniel; Le Berre, Marc & Fussman, Gérard
Surkh Kotal en Bactriane (1983)
In: Mémoires de la Délégation archéologique française en Afghanistan, 25
Paris: Diffusion de Boccard, 1983
Schmidt, E.
Flights over Ancient Cities of Iran (1940)
Chicago: 1940, 104 p.
Schmidt-Colinet, A. & al-Asad, Kh.
"Archaeological news from Hellenistic Palmyra" (2002)
Parthica, 2002, vol. 4, p. 157-168.
Schmitt, Rüdiger
Iranische Personennamen auf griechischen Inschriften (1977)
In: Actes du VIle congrès international d'épigraphie grecque et latine, Constantza 9-15 septembre 1977
Bukarest/Paris: 1979, p. 137-152.
Die Iranier-Namen bei Aischylos (Iranica Graeca Vetustiora I). (1978)
In: Veröffentlichungen der iranischen Kommission Bd. 6, hrsg. v. M. Mayrhofer
Vienna: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1978, vol. 337
"Darius vii. Parthian Princes" (1982)
In: Yarshater, Ehsan (ed.), Encyclopædia Iranica Volume VI: Volume VII, Fascicle 1: Da¢ra¢(b) I - Dastu¢r Al-Afa¢zel
Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda, 1982, 55 p.
Iranisches Personennamenbuch, Bd. V, Fasz. 4: Iranische Namen in den Indogermanischen Sprachen Kleinasiens (Lydisch, Lydisch, Phrygisch) (1982)
In: hrsg. v. M. Mayrhofer/ R. Schmitt, Österr. Ak. d. W. Phil. Hist., Sonderpublikation
Vienna: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1982
Bibliography - Page 55

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