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Smitha, Frank E.
"Persia and its Religious Mix to A.D. 300"
In: The Ancient World: civilizations and barbarism; philosophies and changing religions; achievements and limitations
Soden, Wolfram von
The ancient Orient : an introduction to the study of the ancient Near East [Einführung in die Altorientalistik in English] (1994)
Grand Rapids, Mich: W. B. Eerdmans, 1994
Abstract: Translated by Donald J. Schley

This book represents the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary presentation of ancient Near Eastern civilization. Concentrating on Mesopotamia and North Syria and focusing particularly on the cultures of Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria, von Soden covers the earliest times to Hellenization. His study of ancient "humanity in its wholeness" includes treatments of the history of language and systems of writing, the state and society, nutrition and agriculture, artisanry, economics, law, science, religion and magic, art, music, and more. Valuable background work for students of the Bible. Includes 18 black-and-white photographs. [Publisher]
Solinus, Caius Julius
Polyhistor, rerum toto orbe memorabilium thesaurus locupletissimus. Huic ob argumenti similitudinem Pomponii MELAE de situ orbis libros tres, fide dilientiaque summa recongitos, adiunximus. ... (Hrsg. von Sebastian Münster) (1538)
Basel: Michael IsIngrin und Heinrich Petri, 1538
Soma, Takashi
"Parthia Tsuka Meibun Shityo" ["Numismatic study of Parthian Coins" in Japanese] (1970)
Museum, 1970, no. 237 (Dec), p. 30-33.
Abstract: Inscriptions on Parthian coins from 249 B.C. to A.D. 227 are explained with portraits of Parthian kings. [Hitoshi Kozono]
Sommer, Michael
Hatra : Geschichte und Kultur einer Karawanenstadt im römisch-parthischen Mesopotamien (2003)
Mainz: Zabern, 2003, 83 p.
"The Desert and the Sown. Imperial Supremacy and Local Culture in Partho-Roman Mesopotamia" (2004)
In: Parthia and beyond. Cultural interconnections in the classical period. Papers in honour of Gennadij A. Koselenko
Parthica, 2004, vol. 6, p. 236-246.
Sonnabend, Holger
Fremdenbild und Politik. Vorstellungen der Römer von Ägypten und dem Partherreich in der späten Republik und frühen Kaiserzeit (1986)
Abstract: See review by Linda-Marie Hans in Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft, Bd. 59 (1987), S. 559-561. Also, Dorothy J. Thompson's review "Egypt and Parthia through Roman Eyes, Fremdenbild und Politik: Vorstellungen der Romer von Agypten und dem Partherreich in der spaten Republik und fruhen Kaiserzeit by Holger Sonnabend" in The Classical Review, New Ser., Vol. 39, No. 1. (1989), pp. 86-87; Stephen Mitchell, Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. 79, 1989 (1989) , p. 196
Sotheby Parke-Bernet, Inc.
Cranbrook collections : the property of the Cranbrook Academy, Bloomfield Hills, Illinois (New York City, May 2-5, 1972) (1972)
Abstract: the renowned Cranbook Academy of Art organized this historic sale in order to raise funds for its graduate school. Divided into four sessions, the sale included more than 500 lots drawn from the Academy's famed museum collections, representing a wide range of fine and decorative arts.

Session #3, May 3, 1972: Egyptian, Western Asiatic & Classical Antiquities, Indian & Islamic Art, and Pre-Columbian & African Art (Lots 200 - 367). Included works in stone, bronze, silver, gold, wood, ivory, pottery, faience, terracotta, glass, and more. Countries and cultures included India, Hittite, Iran, Assyrian, Babylonian, Parthian, Persian, Egypt, Roman, Greek, Byzantine and more.
Soucek, Svat
Persian Gulf: Its Past and Present (2004)
Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda, 2004
Soudavar, Abolala
The Aura of Kings. Legitimacy and Divine Sanction in Iranian Kingship (2003)
In: Bibliotheca Iranica. Intellectual traditions series ; no. 10
Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda, 2003, xiv+178 p.
Spear, Nathaniel, Jr.
A Treasury of Archaeological Bells (1978)
New York: Hastings House Publishers, 1978
Speidel, Michael P.
"Pannonische Legionen in Caracallas Parther-krieg. Drei Inschriften aus Zeugma am Euphrat" (1985)
In: Festschrift für Artur Betz zur Vollendung seines 80, Arhcäol.-Epigraph. Studien 1
1985, p. 605 ff.
Spruner von Merz, Karl
Asien am Ende des II. Jahrhunderts. Zeit des Parther-Reiches und der Han-Dynastie in China (1854-1855)
In: Dr. Karl von Spruner's Historisch-geographischer Hand-Atlas
Gotha: Justus Perthes, 1854
Srivastava, Lily
"Historical Significance of the Figures of Kings and deties found on the coins of Indo-Seythian, Parthian and Kushana Kings" (2000)
In: Bajpai, K. D.; Jamindar, Rasesh & Trivedi, P. K. (eds.), Gleanings of Indian Archaeology History and Culture, in honour of Prof. R N Mehta. Vol. I, Epigraphy and Numismatics, Chapter 34
Jaipur: Publication Scheme, 2000
Srivastava, Prashant
Aspects of Ancient Indian Numismatics (1996)
1996, 392 p.
Abstract: This is the first comprehensive study of the joint, commemorative, and victory coins of ancient India, which form a more important source of history than the normal issues. The Introduction discusses the nature and scope of the work. The book is divided into three sections dealing with the Joint Issues, Commemorative Medallions, and Victory Medals. The first five chapters, forming Section I, deal with the joint issues of the Indo-Greeks; Scytho-Parthians; Kusanas, Gadaharas, Sakas, and Siladas; of the pre-Gupta period; and finally, of the Imperial Guptas, respectively. Section II is divided into four chapters dealing with the commemorative medallions of the Indo-Greeks; Kusanas; pre-Gupta period; and of the Imperial Guptas, respectively. An appendix to Chapter VI discusses the Helios on Quadriga Type of coin of Plato'. Chapter X comprising Section III, is concerned with the Victory Medals of Ancient India, the 'Jitam Bhagavata Padmanabhena Coins' being Discussed in an appendix to this chapter.
The various coin-types have been studied for their politica-cultural importance, and corroborative evidence in the form of literature, inscriptions, icons, and sculptures, etc. has freely been made use of. Adetailed bibliography, an exhaustive index, and sixeen plates od photographic illustrations add to the merit of the work.
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Durch vier Jahrtausende Altvorderasiatischer Kultur : Vorderasiatisches Museum (1962)
1962, 282 p.
Abstract: Includes Hoffassade des Parther-Palastes aus Assur
Stackelberg, R. von
Iranica (1891)
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 1891, vol. 45, p. 620.
Abstract: On the mythical Kavi Arshan and eponymous ancestor of the Arsacids.
Stähelin, F.
"Sinatrukes" (1927)
In: RE A 5
1927, p. 222 ff.
Stähler, Klaus
"Lucius Verus Parthicus Medicus. Zum Partherschlachtfries aus Ephesos" (1987)
In: BOREAS. Münstersche Beiträge zur Archäologie
1987, vol. 10, p. 107-116.
Starcky, J.
Palmyre (Guide archéologique) (1952)
Beyrouth: 1952
Stark, Freya
Rome on the Euphrates: the story of a frontier (1966)
London: Murray, 1966, xi+481 p.
Starr, Chester G.
"La frontière orientale dans la politique extérieure de la République romaine depuis le traité d'Apamée jusqu'à la fin des conquêtes asiatiques de Pompée by Thérèse Liebmann-Frankfort" (book review)
American Journal of Philology, vol. 93, p. 500-501.
Staviskii, Boris IAkovlevich
"Central Asian Mesopotamia and the Roman World" (1995)
In: Invernizzi, Antonio (ed.), In the Land of the Gryphons: Papers on Central Asian Archaeology in Antiquity; Monografie di Mesopotamia vol 5
Florence: Casa editrice italiana, 1995, p. 191-202.
Steffen, Randy
Horseman Through Civilization (1967)
Colorado Springs: Western Horseman, 1967, 56 p.
Abstract: traces the use of the horse and carries the reader through the ages to recent times. Includes War Horses of the Pharaohs, Babylon, Alexander the Great, Greece, Rome, Assyria, Cyrus the Great, Parthia and many more until modern times. B/W Photos and Illustrations.
Stein, Aurel
"Carenes" (1899)
In: RE 3
1899, 1588 p.
"Demonax (3)" (1903)
In: RE 5,1
1903, 144 p.
"Gotarzes" (1912)
In: RE 14
1912, 1679 p.
"Hiero" (1913)
In: RE 8
1913, 1459 p.
"Sinnaces" (1927)
In: RE A 5
1927, p. 245 ff.
Innermost Asia; detailed report of explorations in Central Asia, Kan-su and eastern Iran, carried out and described under the orders of H.M. Indian government by Sir Aurel Stein (1928)
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1928
Abstract: Report on the results of Stein’s third expedition to Central Asia (1913-1916). Consists of two main texts, one book of pictures, and one book of maps. The aim of Stein’s third expedition was to find traces of ancient communication routes between East and West. The survey covered a wide area from the Tarim Basin to the west Kangsu, and also to eastern Iran. This volume also contains valuable records are on the study of burial mounds clusters found at Kharakhoto (Heishuicheng) and Astana. [Toyo Bunko Archive]
"Megabates" (1931)
In: RE Suppl. V
1931, 706 p.
On ancient Central-Asian tracks: brief narrative of three expeditions in innermost Asia and north-western China, by Sir Aurel Stein ... with numerous illustrations, colour plates, panoramas and map from original surveys (1933)
New York: Pantheon, 1964, 290 p.
Abstract: Classic Central Asian exploration by the famed British archeologist. A major work that explores the geographical confluence of the Greek and Roman empires with the Parthian empire. A thorough analysis of the ancient meeting places of many nations in this region.
"Terentius Maximus (59)" (1934)
In: RE A 9
1934, 666 p.
[Shami?] (1936)
The Illustrated London News, 1936, no. 6 July
"An Archaeological Tour in the Ancient Persis" (1936)
Iraq, 1936, vol. 3, p. 112-225.
Archaeological reconnaissances in north-western India and south-eastern Iran (1937)
London: Macmillan and Co., 1937, xix+267 p.
Abstract: Full title: Archaeological reconnaissances in north-western India and south-eastern Iran, carried out and recorded with the support of Harvard University and the British Museum, by Sir Aurel Stein, antiques examined and described with the assistance of Fred H. Andrews and analysed in an appendix by R. L. Hobson; with illustrations, plates of antiques, plans and maps from original surveys.
"Bronze Statue from Khuzistan, Iran" (1939)
Antiquity, 1939, vol. 13, p. 234-236.
Old routes of Western Iran; narrative of an archaeological journey carried out and recorded by Sir Aurel Stein. Antiquities examined, described, and illustrated with the assistance of Fred H. Andrews (1940)
London: Macmillan and Co., 1940, 432 p.
Stein, Jacob K.
"An Unpublished Drachm of Phraataces with Musa" (1972)
Numismatic Circular, 1972, vol. 80, no. 4, p. 137.
Stephenson, F. Richard
Historical eclipses and earth's rotation (1997)
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997, xvi+557 p.
Abstract: The theme of the work is to calculate when celestial events should have occurred and compare them to actual historical descriptions of when they did occur, with a view to examining the change in the speed of earth's rotation over time. Chapters 6 and 7 contain numerous references dated in the Seleucid calendar which relate given months and days in the latter to those in the modern Western equivalent. A couple of these chance to refer to the embolismic month. [David Powell]
1. Variations in the length of the day: a historical perspective
2. Tidal friction and the ephemerides of the Sun and Moon
3. Pre-telescopic eclipse observations and their analysis
4. Babylonian and Assyrian records of eclipses
5. Investigation of Babylonian observations of solar eclipses
6. Timed Babylonian lunar eclipses
7. Untimed Babylonian observations of lunar eclipses: horizon phenomena
8. Chinese and other East Asian observations of large solar eclipses
9. Other East Asian observations of solar and lunar eclipses
10. Records of eclipses in ancient European history
11. Eclipse records from medieval Europe
12. Solar and lunar eclipses recorded in medieval Arabic chronicles
13. Observations of solar and lunar eclipses made by medieval Arab astronomers
14. Determination of changes in the length of the day and geophysical interpretation
Historical supernovae and their remnants (2002)
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2002, xiii+252 p.
Stevans, C. M.
The History and Romance of Ancient Empires : The Rise to Power, the Conquest, Dominion and Downfall of the Powerful Nations of Antiquity (1900)
Popular Publishing, 1900, 355 p.
Abstract: Includes chapter, "The Parthians".
Steve, Marie-Joseph
"Sur l'île de Kharg, dans le golfe persique" (1999)
In: Boucharlat, Rémy (ed.), Empires Perses d'Alexandre aux Sassanides
Dossiers d'Archeologie, 1999, no. 243, p. 74-77.
Abstract: Fouillée avant de devenir un terminal pétrolier, l'île de Khârg dans le golfe Persique révéla des nécropoles rupestres, dont deux grands tombeaux du début de notre ère, appartenant à différentes communautés, zoroastriens, chrétiens et juifs. Isolé dans l'île, un monastère chrétien complet suit très précisément les recommandations des réformateurs du VIIe siècle.
Stockvis, Albert
Standard coin and medal catalogue of the world : From the earliest of times (1000 B.C.) to the Present Day with Illustrations of Coins and Coats of Arms, Vol. 1. A-I (1944)
Cleveland, Ohio: Albert Stockvis, 1944, vol. 1, 111 p.
Abstract: Ten illustrations include axe money, spade cash, knife coins, and other Chinese coins, Bracteates, Parthian coins, Persian coins, and several coats of arms that appear on coins.
Stoellner, Thomas; Slotta, Rainer & Vatandoust, Abdolrasool (eds.)
Persiens Antike Pracht. Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum: Germany (28 November 2004 bis 29 Mai 2005) (2004)
In: 2 volumes
2004, 840 p.
Stoneman, Richard
Palmyra and its empire: Zenobia's Revolt Against Rome (1992)
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1992, ix+246 p.
The geography of Strabo, with an English translation by Horace Leonard Jones (1989)
In: Jones, Horace Leonard (tr.), The Loeb classical library : Greek authors ; 49-50, 182, 196, 211, 223, 241, 267
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1989
Abstract: In eight volumes. Based in part upon the unfinished version of John Robert Sitlington Sterrett.

Wolski also recommends the emendations of the Paris 1815 edition with respect to the chronologies of the early Arsacids
Strack, Paul L.
"Essai sur la guerre parthique de Traian by Julien Guey" (book review) (1939)
In: Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft, vol. 15
p. 57-59.
Straight, David
"Ancient coins: Greek Coins and their Values: Europe (vol. 1) (2d ed.) / Greek Coins and Their Values: Asia & Africa (vol. 2) / Roman Coins and Their Values (4th ed.) by David R. Sear" (book review) (1994)
Library Journal, 1994, vol. 119, no. 10, p. 78ff.
Abstract: Article Length: Short (1-9 col inches). Book Review-Comparative.
Bibliography - Page 61

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