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Szczurek, Tadeusz
Drachma partyjska znaleziona w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim [The Parthian drachma found in Gorzowie Wielkopolski] (1999)
Wiadomosci Numizmatyczne, 1999, vol. 43, no. 1-2 (167-168), p. 47-50.
Abstract: Summary in English (p. 50)
Sznol, Shifra Hannah
Mesopotamyah ha-Partit : 'arim Yevaniyot ve-yishuvim Yehudiyim [Parthian Mesopotamia : Greek cities and Jewish communities] (1975)
Jerusalem: ha-Universitah ha-`Ivrit, 1975
Abstract: Thesis (Ph. D.) --ha-Universitah ha-'Ivrit, 1975. Microfilm. Jerusalem : Jewish National and University Library, [1992].
Sznycer, M.
"Ostraca d'époque parthe trouvés à Nisa (U.R.S.S.)" (1955)
Semitica, 1955, vol. 5, p. 65-98.
"Quelques observations sur les ostraca de Nisa" (1963)
Semitica, 1963, vol. 13, p. 31-37.
Tacitus (P. Cornelius Tacitus)
Germania, translated to German by Bastian Späth
Abstract: Available on-line in German.
The Histories by P. Cornelius Tacitus, written 109 A.D., translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb ( 109 A.D.)
Abstract: Available on-line.
The Annals by P. Cornelius Tacitus, written 109 A.D., translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb ( 109 A.D.)
Abstract: Alternate Internet source available on-line.
Tafazzoli, Ahmad
"Education under the Parthian & Sasanian Dynasties"
Tait, Hugh
Jewellery through 7000 years : an international history and illustrated survey from the collections of the British Museum (1976)
London: British Museum Press, 1976
Abstract: See the chapter: The Mediterranean, Parthia, India, Egypt, Roman Britain, and Byzantium : 325 B.C.-A.D. 600.
Takeuchi, Ritsushi
"The Parthian Shot in Hunting Scenes" (2004)
Journal of Silk Road Art and Archaeology, 2004, vol. 10 (2004), p. 29-49.
Tallon, F.
"Les rubis d'Ishtar : étude archéologique" (1999)
In: Cornaline et pierres précieuses : la Méditerranée, de l'Antiquité à l'Islam. Actes du colloque organisé au musée du Louvre par le Service culturel, les 24 et 25 novembre 1995 et établis par Annie Caubet
Paris: La Documentation française, 1999, p. 229-243.
Tanabe, Katsumi
"Iranian xvarnah and the treasure of Shosoin at Nara in Japan" (1988)
Iranica Antiqua, 1988, vol. 23, p. 365-384.
Abstract: A study of facial ornaments which includes a discussion of the Arsacid "wart" and a circular device on the face of Kushan kings.
The Hirayama Collection: History of the Coins of Silk Road (1992)
Tokyo: Kodansha, 1992, vi+116 p.
Tanabe, Katsumi (ed.)
Sculptures of Palmyra (1986)
In: Memoirs of the Ancient Orient Museum ; 1
Tokyo: Ancient Orient Museum, 1986
Journal of Silk Road Art and Archaeology (1990 ff.)
Journal of Silk Road Art and Archaeology, 1990, p. 407.
Abstract: Published annually
Tanabe, Katsumi; Cribb, Joe & Wang, Helen (eds.)
Silk Road Coins: The Hirayama Collection (1993)
Kamakura: Institute of Silk Road Studies, 1993, vi+116 p.
Abstract: A loan exhibition at the British Museum, 1st April to 31st May, 1993. The first section of the catalogue presents the coins as illustrations of the history of the kings and dynasties ruling lands through which the routes of the Silk Road ran. The second section focuses on eleven themes in the religious and artistic history of the peoples of Central Asia, with particular emphasis on the cultural interchanges which took place on the Silk Road, between the Greek and Roman world, Iran, India, China and Japan. [Publisher]

About 200 b&w photos of Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian, Indo-Greek/Scythian, Kushan, Sasanian, Hepthalite & other Central Asian/Indian, plus antiquities. Japanese & English text.
Studies in Silk Road coins and culture: papers in honour of Professor Ikuo Hirayama on his 65th Birthday (1997)
Journal of Silk Road Art and Archaeology, 1997, vol. Special vol 1997, p. 332.
Abstract: 15 papers presented at the Silk Road Coins and Culture Conference, 1-2 Apr. 1993, held at the British Museum; Cribb, Bopearachchi, Tanabe, Thierry, Rhodes, Wang
Tao, Wang
Parthia and China: A Historical and Archaeological Investigation (2007)
In: Curtis, Vesta Sarkhosh & Stewart, Sarah (eds.), Age of the Parthians. Series: Idea of Iran, vol. 2
London: I.B. Tauris, 2007
Taqizadeh, S. H.
Old Iranian Calendars (1938)
Abstract: Printed and Published under the Patronage of the Royal Asiatic Society. Taqizadeh offers very little in regard to the Seleucid and Parthian systems; his main emphasis is on the calendars used during the Sasanian period and afterwards.
Tarn, W. W.
"Notes on Hellenism in Bactria and India" (1902)
Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1902, vol. 22, p. 268-293.
Abstract: On pp. 274-277 the relationship between the coinage of Taxila and that of Pantaleon and Agathocles is discussed. On pp. 288-292 coins are used as part of the evidence for trade connections between the Greek world and India. [J.R. Jones, A Numismatic Index to the JHS, pp. 31-32]
"Queen Ptolemais and Apama" (1929)
Classical Quarterly, 1929, p. 3-4 ?.
Abstract: Cited by Koshelenko on the history of the Arsasids.
Seleucid - Parthian studies (1930)
In: Proceedings of the British Academy, 16
London: Humphrey Milford Amen House, 1930, p. 14-20, 105-136.
Abstract: I. The invaders of Bactria.
II. The Nomad invasion of Parthia.
III. The Bactrian satrapies of eastern Tapuria and Traxiane.
IV. Seleucid administrative subdivisions.
Hellenistic Military and Naval Developments (1930)
Cambridge: 1930
"Antony's Legions" (1932)
Classical Quarterly, 1932, vol. 26, p. 75-81.
"Tiridates II and the Young Phraates" (1932)
In: Mélanges Gustave Glotz, II
Paris: 1932, p. 834ff.
"Parthia" (1932)
In: Cook, S. A., Adcock, F. E. & Charlesworth, M. P. (eds.), The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 9
1932, p. 574-613.
"The Parthians" (1932)
In: Cook, S. A., Adcock, F. E. & Charlesworth, M. P. (eds.), The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 11: The Roman Republic 133-44 B.C.
1932, p. 574-613.
The Greeks in Bactria and India (1938)
Chicago: Ares, 1984, 3 ed., 561 p.
Abstract: 3rd ed. / updated with a preface and new bibliography by Frank Lee Holt
Tarn, W. W. and Griffith, G. T.
Hellenistic Civilisation (1975)
New York: New American Library, 1975, 3 ed.
Abstract: 3d ed., rev. by the author and G. T. Griffith
Tasean, Yakovbos
Arshakowni dramner (1917-1960)
Vienna: 1917
Tashian, Hakovbos
Arshakowni dramner (1917)
Täubler, Eugen
Die Parthernachrichten bei Iosephus.... (1904)
In: Phil. Diss. v. 13. Aug. 1904
Berlin: Druck von E. Ebering, 1904, 65 p.
Abstract: Also discusses the sources used by Josephus.
Tedesco, Paul
"Dialektologie der westiranischen Tufantexte" (1921)
Monde Orientale, 1921, vol. 15, p. 184-258.
Abstract: This is *the* classical study which sorted out the features of the "other" Western Ir. "dialect", establishing Parthian as an entity in its own right.
Teggart, Frederick John
Rome and China : a study of correlations in historical events (1939)
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969, xvii + 283 p.
Abstract: Index, extensive biblio., footnotes throughout, 13 full page maps plus fold-out map. Correlations of historical events in the Eastern Roman Empire and China's West. Period covered 58 BC to AD 107. Especially well covered is Rome's war with Parthia, as well as Rome's entire "Eastern Front".
Teixidor, Javier
"The Kingdom of Adiabene and Hatra" (1967-1968)
Berytus, 1968, vol. 17
"Parthian Officials in Lower Mesopotamia" (1987)
Mesopotamia, 1987, vol. 22
Ten Cate Fennema, Henricus
Quaestiones Parthicae.... (1882)
Neomagi: Apud H.C.A. Thieme, 1882, 119 p.
Abstract: Proefschrift--Leyden. Bibliographical foot-notes.
Terrien de Lacouperie, Albert
L'Ère des Arsacides en 248 avant J.C. : selon les inscriptions Cunéiformes (1891)
In: Le Muséon, vol. 10
Louvain: 1891, 42 pp. p.
Thomas, Edward
A collection of miscellaneous essays on oriental subjects (1847-1870)
1847, 515 p.
Abstract: Contents:
1. Ancient Indiain weights -- 2. Indian coinage -- 3. Identity of Xandrames and Krananda -- 4. Indian numerals -- 5. Bactrian coins -- 6. Coins of the Gupta Dynasty -- 7. Armenian coins -- 8. Explanation of the oriental legends; Imperial Arsacidan and Partho-Persian coins -- 9. coins of the Sassanidae -- 11. Initial coinage of Bengal, introduced by the Muhammadans.
Observations introductory to the explanation of the Oriental legends to be found on certain Imperial Arsacidan and Partho-Persian coins (1849)
London: John wertheimer & Co., 1849
Abstract: Reprinted from the Numismatic Chronicle, Vol. 12, 1850.
"On the Oriental Legends of certain Imperial Arsacidan and Partho-Persian Coins" (1850)
Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, 1850, tome/ser. 1, vol. 12, no. 6, p. 68-77 & 91-114.
"Indo-Parthian Coins" (1870)
Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, 1870, tome/ser. 2, vol. 10, p. 139-163.
Abstract: Excerpt: "These coins are of considerable typical interest, and open out an entirely new field of historical research; but I must confess that my success in their decipherment has not been commensurate with my own wishes... The physiognomy of the king on the observe of Nos 2,3,4, bears no analogy to the conventional Parthian portraiture, but is clearly derived from Indain ideals of the human face. The almond eye, the slight moustache, and the smooth shaved rounded jowl, all asssociate themselves with Eastern models, ranging from the Kodes coins of Seistan on the one side to the earlier Surashtran pieces of the Sah kings, and the later types retained by the Guptas. Hence in admitting local influence in the composition of the profile, we must infer either an entire surrender of Parthian predilections, a facile concession to indigenous art, or a supposition of confession of fealty by the established dynasty, and their recognition as local rulers by the Parthian Suzerain..."
"Parthian and Indo-Sassanian Coins" (1883)
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1883, p. 79-99.
[Title?] (1962)
Numismatic Chronicle, 1962, p. 311-312.
Abstract: Includes description of IGCH 1568 which includes a tetradrachm of Phraates II, Susa mint.
Thompson, Deborah
"Persian art, the Parthian and Sassanian dynasties, 249 B.C.-A.D. 651 by Roman Ghirshman" (book review) (1964)
Art Bulletin, 1964, vol. 46, p. 95-97.
"Parthian stucco from Warka in the British Museum: Quantitative analysis and the bust motif in Parthian and Sasanian art. Quantitative analysis by E.V Thompson. Appendix by C.J. Brunner" (1976)
In: Akten des VII. Internationalen Kongresses für Iranische Kunst und Archäologie : München, 7.-10. September 1976. Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran. Ergänzungsband 6
Berlin: D. Reimer, 1977, p. 294-308.
Thompson, F. C.
"Chemical Composition of Parthian Coins" (1956)
Nature, 1956, vol. 177, no. 4497, p. 23-24.
Thompson, Margaret
The new style silver coinage of Athens (1961)
In: Numismatic studies, no. 10; 2 volumes
New York: American Numismatic Society, 1961
Abstract: On pp. 475-477, refers to the Kessab hoard (IGCH 1568) which includes a tetradrachm of Phraates II (Susa mint).
Thompson, Margaret & Merker, I.
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. ANS. The Burton Y. Berry Collection, Part 2. Megaris to Egypt (1961)
In: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. American Numismatic Society.
New York: American Numismatic Society, 1961
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