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Wikander, Stig (continued)
Feuerpriester in Kleinasien und Iran (1946)
Lund: 1946
Wilber, Donald
The Parthian Structures At Takht-I-Sulayman (1938)
In: Iranian Institute of America. Reprint series, no. 9
New York:, p. 389-410.
Abstract: Cover title "From Antiquity, Vol. XII, No. 4, December 1938"
"The Parthian structures at Takht-i-Sulayman" (1938)
Antiquity, 1938, vol. 12, no. 4 (Dec), p. 389-410.
Abstract: Also reprinted from Antiquity as "The Parthian Structures At Takht-I-Sulayman", American Institute for Irani, Printed in Great Britain.
Detailed archaeological drawings and description of the two principal buildings from the Parthian era.
Wilcken, U.
"Andragoras" (1894)
In: RE. Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft. I, col. 2133.
Wilcox, Peter & McBride, Angus
Rome's Enemies (vol. 3): Parthians and Sassanid Persians (1986)
In: Men-At-Arms Series, 175
Osprey, 1986, 48 p.
Abstract: Color plates illustrated by Angus McBride.

The Parthians were a warrior people. Though possessing no regular army they were superb horsemen and archers, and in time of war the nobility provided heavily armoured knights mounted on weight-carrying chargers. At Carrhae, it is believed that 20,000 Roman troops out of a force of about 36,000 died at the hands of the Parthians. In the third of four volumes covering Rome's enemies, this fascinating text by Peter Wilcox examines the armies and campaigns of the Parthians and Sassanid Persians. [Publisher]

- Chronology
- Introduction
- The Parthians
- Parthian Campaigns
- Sassanid Persia
- Sassanian Campaigns
- The Plates
Wilhelm, E.
"Die Parther" (1904)
In: Avesta, Pahlavi, and Ancient Persian Studies in honour of Peshotanja Behramji Samjana
Strasbourg: 1904
Wilkinson, Richard H.
"The origin and development of a Greco-Persian numismatic motif" (1989)
The Numismatist, 1989, vol. 102, no. 6 (Jun), p. 887-889, 969-970.
Abstract: Discusses the bow and arrow on Achaemenid, Seleucid and Parthian coinage.
Wilkinson, Robert
Imperium Parthicum Arsacidum (1807)
In: Wilkinson, Robert, A General Atlas: Being a Collection of Maps of The World and Quarters, the Principal Empires & Kingdoms
Abstract: Hand coloured engraved map comes from an atlas published by Wilkinson in London 1807, containing 48 coloured maps.
Wilkinson, Tony J.
"Settlement Patterns in Northern Syria from the Bronze Age to the Roman/Parthian Period" (1998)
Abstract: Paper delivered as part of the Archaeological Institute of America lecture series at the Program of Classical Art and Archaeology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, on 1 December 1998.
Will, E.
"L'art sassanide et ses prédécesseurs" (1962)
Syria, 1962, vol. 39, p. 45-63.
Will, Ernest
"Marchands et chefs de caravanes à Palmyre" (1957)
Syria, 1957, vol. 34, p. 262ff.
Art Parthe et Art Grec, Étude d'archéologie classique (1959)
Annales de l'Est, 1959, vol. 22, p. 125-135.
"Parthian sculptures from Hatra. Orient and Hellas in art and religion by Harald Ingholt" (book review) (1965)
In: Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft, vol. 27
1965, p. 379-380.
Williams, Derek
The Reach of Rome : A History of the Roman Imperial Frontier 1st-5th Centuries AD (1996)
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997
Abstract: Excellent discussion of Rome's Parthian frontier with several good maps.
Williams, Henry Smith
Parthians, Sassanids, and Arabs. The crusades and the papacy. (1904)
In: The historians' history of the world; a comprehensive narrative of the rise and development of nations as recorded by over two thousand of the great writers of all ages: ed., with the assistance of a distinguished board of advisers and contributors, vol 8
New York: The Outlook Company, 1904
Abstract: Article on the Parthians is titled "Empire of the Parthians (250 B.C.- 228 A.D.)" Indicates chief authorities together with prime sources, plus additional citations used.
Willrich, H.
"Dareios (9)" (1901)
In: RE 4,2
1901, 2212 p.
"Euemeros (2)" (1907)
In: RE 11
1907, 952 p.
"Exathres" (1909)
In: RE 12
1909, 1553 p.
Wilson, H. H. & Masson, C.
Ariana Antiqua : A Descriptive Account of the Antiquities and Coins of Afghanistan with a Memoir on the Buildings Called Topes (1841)
New Delhi: Vedams Books International, 1997, xvi+452 p.
Abstract: From the results of this study, Debevoise [1938, p. xl] concludes that royal Parthian coins were not used in Southeastenr Iran, even though at times directly under control of the Parthians.

I. Account of the progress of Bactro-Indian numismatic and antiquarian discovery, and observations on the edifices, called topes.
II. Memoir on the topes and sepulchral monuments of Afghanistan: by C. Masson, Esq.:
1. Topes, &c. of Darunta.
2. Topes and sepulchral monuments of Chahar Bagh.
3. Topes and sepulchral monuments of Hidda.
4. Topes of Kabul.
5. Topes of Koh Daman and the Kohistan.
III. Ancient notices of Ariana : the country between Persia and India, with remarks upon Alexander's march from the former towards the latter.
IV. The sovereign dynasties of Bactria and the conterminous countries, from the death of Alexander The Great to the Mohammedan Invasion of India; with descriptions of their coins:
1. Greek dynasties.
2. Menander.
3. Barbaric Kings.
4. Indo-Parthian dynasty.
5. Indo-Scythian princes of Kabul.
6. Coins of Sassanian Kings.
7. Hindu coins.
Winckler, Hugo
Die babylonische Geisteskultur ; in ihren Beziehungen zur Kulturentwicklung der Menschheit (1907)
In: Series: Wissenschaft und Bildung, Einzeldarstellungen aus Allen Gebieten des Wissens, Band 15
Leipzig: Quelle & Meyer, 1907, 152 p.
Windfuhr, Gernot L.
"Isoglosses: A Sketch on Persians and Parthians, Kurds and Medes". (1975)
In: Acta Iranica 5 (Monumentum Henrik S. Nyberg 2)
1975, p. 457-472.
Winkelmann, Sylvia
"Eurasisches in Hatra? Ergebnisse und Probleme bei der Analyse partherzeitlicher Bildquellen" (2003)
In: Series: Mitteilungen des SFB "Different und Integration" 4/1. Nomaden und Seßhafte - Fragen, Methoden, Ergebnisse
Halle: Orientwissenschaftliches Zentrum, 2003, vol. 9, p. 21-140.
Abstract: Deals with the question of nomadic influence on Parthian weapons and give evidence on the Eurasian origin of Parthian swords, daggers and bow. [Author]
Katalog der parthischen Waffen und Waffenträger aus Hatra (2004)
In: Series: Materialien des SFB "Differenz und Integration" ; 4
Halle: Orientwissenschaftliches Zentrum, 2004, 352 p.
Abstract: Deals with the question of nomadic influence on Parthian weapons and give evidence on the Eurasian origin of Parthian swords, daggers and bow. [Author]
"Waffen und Waffenträger auf partischen Münzen" (2006)
Parthica, 2006, vol. 8, p. 131-152.
Partherzeitliche Waffen in Kommagene (In press)
Abstract: Deals with the question of nomadic influence on Parthian weapons and give evidence on the Eurasian origin of Parthian swords, daggers and bow. [Author]
Winter, Engelbert & Dignas, Beate
Rom und das Perserreich. Zwei Weltmächte zwischen Konfrontation und Koexistenz (2001)
In: Series: Studienbücher. Geschichte und Kultur der alten Welt
Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2001, 334 p.
Abstract: See reviews:in English by Stefan R. Hauser, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2002.05.06.; in Italian by C. Lippolis in Parthica 4 (2002), pp. 174-175.
Winton, W.
"Baghdad batteries B.C." (1962)
Sumer, 1962, vol. 18, p. 87-88.
Abstract: Parthian 'wet cells'?
WIRTH, Gerhard
"Rom, Parther and Sassaniden, ErwXgungen zu den Hintergründen eines historischen Wechselverhältnisses" (1980-1981)
Ancient Society, 1981, vol. 11-12 (1981-1982), p. 305-347.
"Pompeius - Armenien - Parther. Mutmassungen zur Bewaltigung einer Krisensituation" (1983)
Bonner Jahrbücher, 1983, vol. 183, p. 1-60.
"Pompeius im Osten" (1984)
Klio, 1984, vol. 66, p. 574-580.
Wishart, David
Parthian shot (2004)
London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2004, 288 p.
Abstract: Fiction. A Marcus Corvinus Roman Mystery.
Wissemann, Michael
Die Parther in der augusteischen Dichtung (1982)
In: Publications universitaires européennes, Série XV, Philologie et littérature classiques ; v. 24
Frankfurt am Main: P. Lang, 1982, 180 p.
Abstract: Revision of thesis (doctoral)--Universität Düsseldorf, 1980. See review by Hans Peter Syndikus in Gnomon. Kritische Zeitschrift für die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft. - Bd. 55 (1983). - S. 589-593.
Wolff, Catherine
"I Parthica" and "III Parthica" (2000)
In: Le Bohec, Yann & Wolff, Catherine (eds.), Les légions de Rome sous le Haut-Empire, Actes du Congrès de Lyon (17-19 septembre 1998)
Lyon: 2000, 754 p.
Abstract: Published by Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Occident Romain, Centre de Recherche de l'Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (http://www.univ-lyon3.fr/ceror/)
Wolski, Józef
"Arsace I-er, le fondateur de l'État parthe" (en polonais) (1937)
Eos, 1937, vol. 38, p. 492-513.
Abstract: Continued in Eos, 39 (1938), pp. 244-266.
"Arsaces I, zalozyciel panstwa partyjskiego" (Arsaces the First the Founder of the Parthian
State) [part 1] (1937)
Eos, 1937, vol. 38, p. 492-511.
Abstract: Continued in Eos, 39 (1938), pp. 244-266. See review: Markowski, H. (1940), Philologische Wochenschrift 60, 99-104
"Arsaces I, zalozyciel panstwa partyjskiego" (Arsaces the First the Founder of the Parthian
State) [part 2] (1938)
Eos, 1938, vol. 39, p. 244-266.
Abstract: Continued from Eos, 38 (1937), pp. 492-511.
"Arsaces II" (1946)
Eos, 1946, vol. 41, p. 156-165.
Abstract: Wolski concludes Tiridates was legendary and Arsaces I ruled over 30 years. However, Frye notes a royal tyrydt seems assured by the Nisa Ostraca, although it might be Tiridates II. [Frye, Heritage, 1963, p. 265]
"L'effondrement de la domination des Séleucides en Iran au IIIe siècle av. J.-C." (1947)
In: Bulletin international de l'Académie polonaise des sciences et des lettres : Classe de philologie; Classe d'histoire et de philosophie. Supplémentaire no. 5
Kracow: 1947, p. 13-70.
Abstract: Continued in Eos, 39 (1938), pp. 244-266.
"Der Zusammenbruch der Seleukidenherrschaft im Iran im 3. Jahrhundert v. Chr." (1947)
In: Altheìm, Franz & Rehork, Joachim (eds.), Der Hellenismus in Mittelasien. (Wege der Forschung, Bd. 91).
Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1969, p. 188-254.
"Das Problem des Andragoras" (1950)
In: Serta Kazaroviana Ephemerides Instituti Archaeologici Bulgarici
1950, vol. 16, p. 13-16.
"Le problème d'Andragoras" (1950)
In: Mélanges G. Kazarow (or Gavril I. Katsarov) (Serta Kazaroviana Ephemeridis Instituti Archeologi Bulgarici)
Izvestiia (Bulletin Bulgarska arkheologicheski institut), 1950, vol. 16, p. 111-114.
Abstract: Journal title also seen as Arkheologicheski institut (Bulgarska akademiia na naukite).
"Etudes sur le texte de Strabon" (1951)
In: Kumaniecki, Kazimierz Feliks (ed.), Charisteria Thaddaeo Sinko. Quinquaginta abhinc annos amplissimis in philosophia honorius ornato ab amicis collegis discipulis oblata
Varsaviae: Sumptibus Societatis philologae polonorum, 1951, p. 385-394.
"Parthian and Iranian titles in the parchment No. 10 from Dura" (1953-1954)
Journal of Juristic Papyrology, 1954, vol. Papyrol, 7-8, p. 285-294.
Abstract: Issued by University of Warsaw, Institute of Papyrology and Ancient Law.
"Remarques critiques sur les Institutions des Arsacides" (1954)
Eos, 1954, vol. 46, p. 59-82.
"The decay of the Iranian empire of the Seleucids and the chronology of the Parthian beginnings" (1957)
Berytus, 1957, vol. 12 (fasc 1), p. 35-52.
Abstract: MWW: Good survey, tracing transition of power from Seleucids (305-64 BCE) to Parthian (Arsacid) empire (250 BCE- 224 CE) in Iran and Near East.
"L'Etat Parthe des Arsacides. Essai de reconstitution de son évolution intérieure" (1959)
Palaeologia, 1959, vol. 7, p. 325-332.
"L'Historicité d'Arsace I er" (1959)
Historia, 1959, vol. 8, p. 222-238.
"L'Empire de Rome et les peuples avoisinants du Proche-Orient" (1959-1960)
Eos, 1959, vol. 50, p. 61-68.
"The original homeland of the Parthians by B. Philip Lozinski" (book review) (1960)
Gnomon, 1960, vol. 32, p. 374-375.
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