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Parthian Ceramics

Blue-glazed pitcher

PDC 23149

Blue-glazed pitcher
Clay. Nehavand. 1st-3rd century A.D. Height 30.8 cm. Collection of Nakashiba Shōji, Inc., Tokyo. This piece has a long, narrow neck, and the handles look like two twisted ropes side by side. The lower end of the handle is divided into three petals. There is a decorative round boss resembling a rivet-head on either side of the upper attachment of the handles. Similar round bosses decorate the shoulder. This is the only pitcher in Japan with this type of long, thin neck. This form is not seen among the specimens unearthed from Dura-Europos. Two similar specimens are known to exist; one was excavated from an unknown site and is now in the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad (figure 65), and the other was unearthed from Seleucia.
 - Shinji Fukai, Ceramics of Ancient Persia (New York: Weatherhill, 1981), plate 96
 - Photo by Bin Takahashi

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