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Genealogy of the First Arsacids

English Translation

Translation by Vadim Nikitin

G. A. Koshelenko, "Genealogia Pervykh Arshakidov" in Istoriya i kultura narodov Srednei Azii: drevnost i srednie veka, B. G. Gafurov and B.A. Litvinsky, eds., (p. 31-37): Moskva, "Nauka", Glav. red. vostochnoi lit-ry, 1976; translated by Vadim Nikitin as "Genealogy of the First Arsacids (once again about Nisa ostracon 1760)", 10 May 2008.

Koshelenko's footnotes retain the original numbering while the translator's notes use added lower case letters.

Special font required To ensure proper viewing of the Greek and transcription characters on these pages, you must use a Unicode font with the necessary characters. Recommended are  these free fonts: Doulos SIL, Cardo, Code 2000, and TITUS Cyberbit Basic.

The pagination follows that of the original Russian version.

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Genealogy of the First Arsacids - References
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