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Coins of Parthia

The coins in this virtual cabinet are arranged by issuing authority in alphabetical order. To locate a coin, select the issuing authority's name in the list box, then click the "go" button.

If you know the Sellwood type number of a coin, go to the Sellwood type numbers page for navigation to the page illustrating  coins of that type. Also, see the listing of Parthian Coins in the ANS Database.

For assistance in identifying Parthian coins, go to the Identifying Parthian Coins page.

N.B. There are pictures of 3222 Parthian coins online. The coins illustrated are from many different collections and are not for sale. If you have Parthian coins that are missing from this virtual collection -- or have better examples -- and would like to see them added to the pages here, please visit the feedback page to leave a note or send me an email message. I'll give you details on the correct graphics format for submission, and will arrange for photographing your coins, if necessary. Go to the Parthian coin images needed page to see a list of those required to complete this virtual coin collection.

This page last updated 23 Feb 2021

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