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Parthia in the News - 2009

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Unique Parthian burial found in Iran (26 Jan 2009)
Ancient land seeks tourists  (20 Jan 2009)

Unique Parthian burial found in Iran

Tehran, 26 Jan 2009 (PressTV)

Iranian archeologists have found a unique form of Parthian burial in the country's Nakhl-e-Ebrahimi village in Hormozgan Province. The second phase of Nakhl-e-Ebrahimi archeological excavations yielded 10 jar burials and a fetal burial, which is the first of its kind found at the site. "The team also found a piece of earthenware in the grave," said director of the archaeology team, Siamak Sarlak. "Archeologists also excavated the ruins of a Parthian fortress, previously found at the site, and unearthed 40-50 meters of the structure's northern wall," he added. Covering an area of 15,000 square-meters, the fortress is believed to be the largest Parthian fort found in Iran. The architectural finds of the area will be restored at the end of the second phase and the fortress will be refurbished based on its original plan, Sarlak concluded. (read full article)

Ancient land seeks tourists

Seoul, Korea, 20 Jan 2009 (JoongAn Daily) --

'Like Korea, Iran also has four seasons, which offer different experiences in different regions throughout the year.'

. . .

Korea and Iran established diplomatic ties in 1962, but exchanges between the two countries date back thousands of years.

The Silk Road that connected Asia and the Middle East was the main thoroughfare through which cultural and commercial exchanges took place, said Korea Tourism Organization CEO Oh Jee-chul in his speech at the event at Lotte Hotel last week.

"Once there was an ancient tomb of the Silla Dynasty where relics pertaining to the Parthia Dynasty were found, which is evidence of exchange between our two countries a long time ago," said Oh.

"In fact, Korea and Iran have a lot in common in that both of us have a long history and culture from time immemorial."

. . .

"Like Korea, Iran also has four seasons, which offer different experiences in different regions throughout the year," said Shafiei Karaji, chairman of Seoul International Shipping Company, who gave a presentation on tourism in Iran at the Lotte Hotel event last week.

A relatively small number of Koreans visit Iran each year, but Seo Bo-kyoung, an official at the Lotte Tour Travel Agency, says his company has seen the number rise by 2.5 times annually since 2006.

"Koreans still don't think of Iran as an accessible country because of the geographic distance and lack of information," Seo said.

However, more Koreans are venturing to the Middle East, he said, and the travel agent said he was confident that Iran in particular, which has a long history and many cultural heritages for tourists to sample, would attract more visitors in the future.

By Park Sun-young Staff Reporter (read full article)

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