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An Universal History, From the Earliest Account of Time to the Present: Compiled from Original Authors; and Illustrated with Maps, Cuts, Notes, Chronological, and Other Tables. Vol. IV. (1744)
Dublin: George Faulkner, 1744, vi+848 p.
Abstract: This volume includes: The History of the Jews from their return to Babylonish captivity to the destruction of Jerusalem, History of the Parthians from Arsaces to the recovery of the kingdom by the Persians, History of the Persians from their recovering the empire to ther being subdued by the Arabs, Ancient state of Italy to the building of Rome and many other chapters on early Roman history. Illustrated with 13 folding maps and plans and 1 full-page plan. Maps include: Palestine, Ancient Italy, Gallia, Greece, Africa, Spain, etc. Also plans of Rome.

Also see the French translation: Histoire universelle, depuis le commencement du monde jusqu'à présent.
Uebersetzung der Algemeinen Welthistorie : die in Engeland durch eine Geselschaft von Gelehrten ausgefertiget worden. Nebst den Anmerkungen der holländischen Uebersetzung auch vielen neuen Kupfern und Karten (1745)
Halle: Bey Johann Justinus Gebauer, 1745
Abstract: Translation of An Universal history, from the earliest account of time
Parthien und Persien (1770?)
Abstract: 1 map; 24 x 36 cm. Scale [ca. 1:19,000,000]. Relief shown pictorially. "A.W. Th. XI.," "E."
Histoire universelle, depuis le commencement du monde jusqu'à présent; composée en anglois par une société de gens de lettres; nouvellement traduite en françois par une société de gens de lettres, vol 15 (1780)
Paris: Moutard, 1780
Abstract: French translation of An universal history, from the earliest account of time to the present.

Contenant l'Histoire des Royaumes d'Armenie, de Pont, de Cappadoce, de Pergame, de Thrace, d'Epire, de Bythynie, de Colchide, d'Iberie, d'Albanie, de Bosphore, de Medie, de Bactrie, d'Edesse, d'Emese, d'Adiabene, de Characene, d'Elymaide, de Comagene & de Chalcidene.
A Compendious history of Rome, with an appendix, containing sketches of the history of Carthage, Macedon, Spain, Pontus, Cimbri, Gaul, Numantia, England, Germany, Parthia, Munda, Philippi, Rhodes, Sicily, and Syracuse. As connected with the Roman history
Philadelphia: Thomas Dobson, 1797
Abstract: Vol. I [-II]. Published Philadelphia; "Printed by Thomas Dobson, at the stone-house, no 41, S. Second-Street., 1797."
"Antiquities - Parthian Coins, On a Denarius, Chinese & Egyptian Languages, etc." (1809)
In: Hutton, Charles, Shaw, George & Pearson, Richard, The Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London, from their commencement, in 1665, to the year 1800; abridged, with notes and biographical illustrations, Vol 12 - Medicine, Navigation, Optics, etc.
London: C. and R. Baldwin, 1809
Abstract: Large & wonderfully varied amount of important early scientific information (given in "Accounts" ranging from 1-25 pages each) as well as 18 detailed engravings in the rear.
"Coins Described: Parthian" (1888)
Coin Collector's Journal, 1888, vol. 13, no. May, p. 79.
Catalogue of the Coins in the Government Museum, Lahore, Vol.1 - Greco Bactrian & Ancient (1895)
1985, 172 p.
Abstract: Reprinted as Lahore (Punjab) Museum Catalogue: Vol 3, Greco Bactrian & Ancient. Catalogues Indo-Greek/Scythian/Parthian and native ancients from tribal and punchmark to Medieval.
Otchet Imperatorskoi arkhaeologicheskoi komisii za 1896 g (1898)
St. Petersburg: 1898
Abstract: On page 105, V. A. Zhukovskii is cited as not being impressed with the site at Nisa as an historical monument.
The Karnamik-I-Ardashir, or The Records of Ardashir (1917)
In: Horne, Charles F. (ed.), The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Vol. VII: Ancient Persia
New York: Parke, Austin, & Lipscomb, 1917, p. 225-253.
Abstract: On-line version for the Ancient History Sourcebook scanned by J. S. Arkenberg, Dept. of History, Cal. State Fullerton. Prof. Arkenberg has modernized the text.
A guide to the Babylonian and Assyrian antiquities (1922)
London: British Museum Press, 1922, 3 ed., xiv+286 p.
Abstract: In this Guide are described the great collections of Babylonian and Assyrian antiquities which have been acquired as the result of excavations made by the Trustees of the British Museum, and by purchase, since the year 1846. These collections cover a period of about four thousand years-that is to say, from about B.C. 3500 to A.D. 500. The chronological evidence which has become available during the 20 years made it necssary to modity the scheme of chronology which was based upon the date given for the reign of Naram Sin on the cylinder of Nabonidue.

The collections consist of sculptures and bas reliefs, and inscribed monuments, boundary stones, gate-socketrs, and bricks bearing the names and titles of the kings who made them; baked clay cylinders and prisms and tablets inscribed with records of the history of the religious, commercial, and domestic life of the Babylonians and Assyrinas; objects which illustrate the art of Babylonia and Assyria , Elam, and the surrounding nations , in bronze, ivory, terra-cotta, and precious stones; and numerous miscellaneous objects belonging to the later periods of the Persian, Greek, Parthian, Roman and Sassanian periods of occupation in Mesototamia.

The descirptions of the sculptures and many other objects have been revised and enlarged, and in the Introduction, which has been rewritten, the results of historical and archaeological research.
"New Light on Mysterious Parthia, treasures from Seleucia" (1932)
The Illustrated London News, 1932, no. 13 Feb
Abstract: Full Page colour Illustration.
"The Chronology of the Parthian War of Trajan; The Roman Occupation of Palmyrene; Stations on the Euphrates" (1936)
In: Cook, S. A.; Adcock, F.E. & Charlesworth, M. P. (eds.), The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 11. The Imperial Peace. A.D. 70 - 192, Appendix
Cambridge: 1936, Appendix p.
"At Pharaaspa Parthians Turned Rome Back in 36 B.C. -- U.S. scientists survey big Parthian citadel where Rome's march to the east was stopped in 36 B.C." (1938)
Life, 1938, vol. 3, no. April 25
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Lockett Collection (1949)
In: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Great Britain, Vol. 3
London: Oxford University Press, 1949
Abstract: Sellwood [1980] cites Vol 3, Parts 1 & 2 in An introduction to the coinage of Parthia bibliography. Callatay [1994] cites Vol 3., Part V.

Vol. 3. includes The Lockett collection. pt. 1, Spain-Italy (gold and silver) 1938. pt. 2, Sicily-Thrace (gold and silver) 1939. pt. 3, Macedonia-Aegina (gold and silver) 1942. pt. 4, Peloponnese-Aeolios (gold and silver) 1945. pt. 5, Lesbos-Cyrenaica: Addenda (gold and silver).
Illustrated London News (1951-1966)
Abstract: See articles pertinent to Parthia: 10 Nov. 1951, 17 Nov. 1951, 18 Dec. 1954, 25 Dec. 1954, 18 June 1955, 4 July 1964, 16 July 1966
Palmyrene and Gandharan sculpture; an exhibition illustrating the cultural interrelations between the Parthian Empire and its neighbors west and east, Palmyra and Gandhara, Oct. 14 through Nov. 14, 1954
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1954, 35 p.
"The Getae and the Dacians, and Sarmatae and Parthians" (1954)
In: The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 2
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1954
"The Ancient Parthian" (1955)
Western Horseman, 1955, vol. 20, no. 5 (May)
Abstract: Horsemen Though Civilization: Part V - The important branch of the Parthian service was the cavalry.
One and one-half pages.
Revue Numismatique [Online version, 1958-2003] (1958-2003)
Revue Numismatique, 2003
Abstract: The Revue numismatique (1958-2003) is available on internet. On the www.Persee.fr web site, enter terms and specify Revue numismatique as the journal to be searched.
7000 ans d'art en Iran (1961)
In: Exposition Octobre 1961 - Janvier 1962
Paris: 1961, 211 p.
Abstract: Nombreuses reproductions photographiques en noir et blanc
Octobre 1961 - Janvier 1962. Cette exposition a été organisée sous les auspices de l'association française d'action artistique, avec le concours de la ville de Paris
Tesouros do Museu de Bagdade : desde os tempos primitivos à época muçulmana : Exposiçao apresentada no Museu nacional de arte antiga, Lisboa junho julho 1965
Abstract: préf. Heinrich J. Lenzen / auteur de l'introduction, etc Heinz Lenzen.
"Wart on Parthian Coins" (1966)
Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine, 1966, vol. 32, p. 2558.
"Coins of Prahat" (1968)
Journal of the Numismatic Society of India, 1968, vol. 30, p. 188-190.
Abstract: The name of the king read as Prahat instead of Prahara, which was suggested by G. K Jenkins and A. K. Narain, "The coin types of the Saka-Pahlava Kings of India", Journal of the Numismatic Society of India, vol. 18, pt. 2 (1956), p. 25. It is propossed to identify him with a later member of the group of Parthian or Indo-Parthian rulers, Gondophares I. Prahata might have been the king of Taxila, ca. A.D. 46, named Phraotes, and referred to in the Vita Apollonii of Philostratus. [A. K. Narain]
2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire (1971)
Tokyo: 1971
Abstract: Catalogue of the 2500th Anniversary of Foundation of Persian Empire Art Exhibition Catalogue, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka by the Japanese Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
"Albano and the Second Parthian Legion" (1972)
Archaeology, 1972, vol. 25, no. 4 (Oct)
"Marcus Licinius Crassus und die Parther" (1975)
Helvetische Münzen-Zeitung, 1975, vol. 10, no. 10 (Oct), p. 471.
Das Parthische Felsrelief, Sarpol-i Zohab, Iranosche Denkmäler, Lieferung 7 (1976)
Berlin: 1976, 16 p.
Abstract: Cited as source for Parthian inscriptions by Frye [1984, p. 205]
The Parthian Pack Elephant (1976)
Slingshot: The Journal of the Society of Ancients, 1976, no. 65 (May)
Persian and Parthian troop types (drawings) (1976)
Slingshot: The Journal of the Society of Ancients, 1976, no. 64 (Mar)
Abstract: An article on wargamming.
Kyariz (Partiena) [in Russian] (1976)
Vestnik Drevnei Istorii, 1976, p. 114-121.
The Ages of Architecture in Iran (1977)
In: Series: Profile of Iran
Imperial Embassy of Iran, 1977, vol. 2, no. 8 (August), p. 32.
State museum of Oriental Art (in Russian & English) (1978)
1978, 118 p.
Abstract: - Art of the soviet east
- Art of the near and middle east
- Art of the far east

Includes photos of ivory rhytons dating back to the second—first centuries B.C. which were found on the site of Nisa.
The Roman world [picture] (1980)
In: DPA talkabout world history in pictures
Mount Dora, FL: Documentary Photo Aids, 1980
Abstract: Includes 10 charts : col.; 28 x 43 cm. + teacher's guide (3 p.); both Parthian and Sasanid empires illustrated. For K-12 education.
The World of Persian Pottery, Gluck Collection (1980)
Tokyo: 1980
Abstract: Catalog item no. 108, illustrates a Parthian Turquoise-glazed amphora, circa 2nd/3rd Century A.D., later sold in Sotheby's Sale NY7323 (June 1999), lot 105. No. 180 is a Parthian bowl, sold by Malter Auctions, Ancient Art from Around the World (24 Jun 2007), lot 153.
Sumer, Assur, Babylone : chefs-d'œuvre du Musée de Bagdad : Musée du Petit Palais de la Ville de Paris, 24 mars-14 juin 1981
Paris: Ministère des affaires étrangères, 1981, 175 p.
"Die Kunst der Parther und Sassaniden" (1982)
In: Brehm, Burkhard (ed.), Neue Enzyklopädie der Kunst, vol. 3
Stuttgart: Deutscher Bücherbund, 1982
The J. Mariano Da Fonseca Collection of Ancient & Classical Islamic Coins And Fine Art (1985)
1985, 53 p.
Abstract: Portugiesischer Ausstellungskatalog erschienen 1985, in englischer Sprache, 54 Seiten, durchgehend Schwarz-Weiss- und Farbseiten, sehr guter Zustand.
1. Münzen aus dem antiken Griechenland
2. Münzen der Parther und Sassaniden
3. Münzen aus Islamischen Perioden von 632 bis 1924 n.Chr.
Islamische Silber und Kupfermünzen
Islamische Goldmünzen
4. Rauchutensilien aus Aleppo, 19.Jhdt.
5. Orientalische Dolche, 18. Jhdt.
6. Koranamulett, 17. Jhdt.
7. Perserteppiche, 19. und frühes 20. Jhdt.
8. Islamische Ziergegenstände aus Silber, 18 Jhdt.
Imperium Romanum II: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (1985)
West End Games, 1985
Abstract: "Storm the walls of Rome, plunder provinces, reconquer the Empire, strive for the Imperial purple, war against the Parthians, fight great battles at sea, fight barbarian invasions, mass barbarian hordes to plunder the West, conquer Gaul, cross the Rubicon! Conspire with other players and betray them to their foes. Experience the glory and grandeur that was Rome!"

The rules describe the intricacies of the Roman political, economical, and military conflict. The map portays the whole Roman world, from Britania to Parthia. Thirty-five scenarios examine every major roman war, civil and external, through 700 years that shaped the Western World. Some scenarios can be played in 4 hours, other scenarios can take 100+ hours.

By West End Games, for 2-6 players, and suitable for solitaire. Includes: two full-color maps portraying the entirety of the Roman Empire at 50 miles per hex; 800 full-color, die-cut counters depicting individual legions, auxilary units, and leaders; 28-page rule book; two 8-page chart booklets; a 48-page scenario booklet with 35 scenarios!; dice and counter-tray with lock-on lid. [Dealer's description]
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Manchester University museum. The Raby and Güterbock collections (1986)
In: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Great Britain, Vol. 7
London: Oxford University Press, 1986
Abstract: 24 plates with facing pages describing each coin. Each plate accompanied by leaf with descriptive letterpress. Contents v.6. The Lewis collection in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. pt. 1. The Greek and Hellenistic coins (with Britain and Parthia). pt. 2. The Greek Imperial coins.
"Acquisitions 1986" (1986)
J. Paul Getty Museum Journal, 1987, vol. 15, p. 165.
Abstract: Accession Item 86.AM.753 is a beautiful gilt silver rhyton, from Iran, late 1st centurty B.C to 1st centurty A.D. On the belly of the stag is a punched Aramaic inscription of the first century A.D. which may be a sanctuary dedication. See also M. Pfrommer, Hellenistic Metal Work: Catalog of the Collections, J. Paul Getty Museum.
Madjalle-ye-Bastanshenasi wa Tarikh : Iranian Journal of Archaeology and History (1986-)
Iranian Journal of Archaeology and History : Madjalle-ye-Bastanshenasi wa Tarikh, 1986
Abstract: Publ history: Began with autumn/winter 1986
Proceedings of the Symposium "Common Ground and Regional Features of the Parthian and Sasanian World", Torino 17th-21st, 1985 (1987)
Mesopotamia, 1987, vol. 22
Empires Ascendant: Time Frame 400 BC-AD 200 (1988)
In: Vol. 5 in the Time Frame... series
Alexandria, VA: Time-Life Books, 1988, 175 p.
Abstract: Partial listing of subjects: “The Quest for Power in the East” (The Elephant at War – India of Chandragupta – A Shrine for Buddha – The Parthians – Trading on the Silk Road – Hellenic Composite Gods). “The Flowering of China” (The Qin – The Eternal Terra Cotta Army – Han Silk – Han Architecture – Ancient Technological Innovations).
Hymnen und Gebete der Religion des Lichts : iranische und turkische liturgische Texte der Manichaer Zentralasiens : eingeleitet und aus dem Mittelpersischen, Parthischen, Sogdischen und Uigurischen (Altturkischen) ubersetzt (1989)
In: Abhandlungen der Rheinisch-Westfalischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ; Bd. 79
Köln und Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1989, 280 p.
Abstract: Hymnen und Gebete der Religion des Lichts : iranische und turkische liturgische Texte der Manichaer Zentralasiens : eingeleitet und aus dem Mittelpersischen, Parthischen, Sogdischen und Uigurischen (Altturkischen) ubersetzt
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Hart Collection, Blackburn Museum. (1989)
In: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Great Britain, Vol. 8
London: Oxford University Press, 1989
Iran dar zaman-i Ashkaniyan : 250 qabl az Milad ta 224 bad az Milad / Muassasah-i Jughrafiyai va Kartugrafi-i Sahab (1989)
Tehran: Muassasah-i Jughrafiyai va Kartugrafi-i Sahab, 1989
Mesopotamia [Articoli pubblicati su Mesopotamia tra il 1966 e il 1990, vol. I-XXV] (1990)
Mesopotamia, 1990, vol. Index I-XXV
Abstract: Indice topografico
Indice dei soggetti
Indice delle recensioni
"Iraq: Crucible of Civilization" (1991)
National Geographic, 1991, vol. 179, no. 5 (May), p. 102.
Abstract: Includes photo of 1960s American team excavation of a Parthian fortress, discovered at Nippur. Photo of digs on pages 108-109.
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