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Babaev, I. A. & Kaziev, C. M.
"Kabalinskii klad monet ellinisticheskoi epokhi" [The Kabala hoard of Hellenistic coins] (1971)
Numizmatika i Epigrafika, 1971, vol. 9, p. 16-32.
Abstract: The remainder of the hoard (IGCH 1737) discovered in 1966 near the settlement of Kabala, capital of Caucasian Albania, includes 131 Seleucid tetradrachms, 5 Bactrian tetradrachms, 5 Arsacid drachms (Mithradates I and Phraates II), and others. The coin descriptions do not include mints or bibliographical references.
Babelon, Ernest
Les Perses Achéménides, les Satrapes et les dynastes tributaires de leur empire, Cypre & Phénicie (1893)
In: Catalogue des monnaies grecques de la Bibliothèque nationale
Paris: C. Rollin & Feuardent, 1893, cxciv+412 p.
La gravure en pierres fines - camées et intailles (1894)
In: Series: Bibliothèque de l'enseignement des beaux-arts
Paris: Quantin, 1894, 320 p.
Abstract: Cet ouvrage passe en revue l'art de la gravure sur pierres fines : il décrit matière et technique, puis étudie la période préhistorique, l'Egypte, les Chaldéo Assyriens, les Arméniens, les Elamites, les Mèdes et les Perses, les Héthéens, les Phéniciens, les Araméens et les Juifs, Cypre et Carthage, les intalles mycéennes et crétoises, la glyptique grecque archaïque, la glyptique étrusque, la glyptique aux V° et IV° siècles, la période hellénistique, les pierres gravées sous la République et le Haut Empire, les pierres gravées avec signatures d'artistes, Grylles, abraxas, sujets chrétiens, la glyptique byzantine, les Parthes Arsacides et Sassanides, les Arabes et l'Orient moderne, destination des pierres gravées antiques durant le Moyen Age, les pierres magiques et les lapidaires, les pierres gravées par les artistes du Moyen Age, la gravure en pierres fines dans la Renaissance italienne, française, les XVII° et XVIII° siècles, le XIX° siècle.

Ce bel ensemble est suivi d'une table alphabétique des noms des graveurs cités.

Chapt VI, part II, "Les Parthes Arsacides et Sassanides," pp. 192-201. One Parthian engraving illustrated, fig. 145..
"La numismatique et la chronologie des dynasties de la Characène" (1896)
Journal International d’Archéologie Numismatique, 1986, vol. ? 1 (1898)
Sur La Numismatique et la Chronologie des Dynastes de la Characene (1898)
1898, p. 24.
Abstract: Offprint from Journal International d'Archéologie Numismatique, 1898, Vol. 1, p. 381

Same article in Mélanges numismatiques Vol. 3, p. 221, plates.
Traité des monnaies grecques et romaines (1901-1932)
Paris: E. Léroux, 1930, 3340+ p.
Abstract: Written between 1901 - 1932, it deals with the coinage from its beginning to the reign of Alexander. In 9 volumes of 3,340+ pages plus 355 plates of photographs in 4 volumes. The portions about Parthia are included in Part III which contains Jacques de Morgan's Numismatique de la Perse Antique.
Numismatique d'Edesse en Mésopotamie (1904)
Paris: 1904
Le prix Edmond Drouin (Numismatique des Arsacides de l'Elymaide et de la Perside) (1910)
Revue Numismatique, 1910, tome/ser. 4, vol. 14, p. 228-235.
Babelon, Jean
Catalogue de la Collection de Luynes. Monnaies grecques (1924-)
In: 4 volumes
Paris: Florange & Ciani, 1924
Abstract: Lots 1477 and 1479 cited by Houghton in The Arthur S. Dewing Collection (ANS, 1985) when cataloging Dewing Lot 2707, Persis coin of Autophradates I (2nd cent. B.C.)

Corp. author: Bibliothèque nationale (France). Département des médailles et antiques.
In four volumes (plus plates, often in separate volumes):
I. Italie et Sicile, par J. Babelon
II. Grece continentale et iles, par J. Babelon
III. Asie Mineure et Phenicie
IV. Syrie, Égypte, Cyrénaïque, Maurétanie, Zeugitane, Numidie, par J. Babelon
Le portrait dans l'antiquité d'après les monnaies (1942)
Paris: Payot, 1950
Bachhofer, Ludwig
"On Greeks and Sakas in India" (1941)
Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1941, vol. 61 (Dec), no. 4, p. 223-250.
Abstract: Views on Hellenistic, Parthian and Gandharan art in northwest India expressed by Dr. Ludwig Bachhofer, later contradicted by John Marshall in "Greeks and Sakas in India," op cit., where Marshall rejects Bachhofer's theory that Vonones, "Great King of Kings," who struck coins in conjunction with his viceroys, Spalahores and Spalagadames, was identical with Vonones I of Parthia, 8/9-11/12 A.D. (as advocated also by Herzfeld, "Sakastan," p. 96).
Back, M.
"Die Sassanidischen Staatsinschriften" (1978)
In: Acta Iranica 18
Teheran-Liege: 1978
Back, M.
"Mitteliranische Forschungen" (1986)
Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, 1986, vol. 81, p. 437-444.
Bader, Andrei
"Parthian ostraka from Nisa: some historical data" (1994)
In: La Persia e l'Asie centrale. Da Alessandro al X secolo. Convegno internazionale organizzato in collaborazione con l'Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente: Roma, 9-12 novembre 1994. Atti dei Convegni Lincei, 127
Rome: Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, 1996, p. 251-276.
"Ostraca from Parthian Nisa" (1997)
Circle of Inner Asian Art Newsletter, 1997, no. 5 (May)
Abstract: Since 1976, the Corpus Inscriptionum Iranicarum (CII), edited in London by an international committee, has been proceeding with the publication of the Parthian inscribed potsherds from Old and New Nisa, south-west of the modern town of Ashghabat, capital of Turkmenistan.

In spring 1997 Dr. A. N. Bader from Moscow was invited to London by the British Academy to continue work on the Nisa materials for the CII. The second text fascicle is now completely ready and will be published by the end of 1997. It will be devoted to the text nos. 995-1508. Two additional portfolios are almost ready and will go to press in the near future: vol. IV containing the photos of the document nos. 1450-2240, and vol. V with the photos of the remaining document nos. 2241-2723 from Old Nisa together with the inscriptions I-VI from New Nisa. These documents contain some of the most interesting material concerning royal transactions, financial matters and so on. In this article Dr. Bader gives a detailed description concerning these publications. [Newsletter 5, May 1997]
Bader, Andrei; Gaibov, Vassif & Koshelenko, Gennadij A.
"Walls of Margiana" (1995)
In: Invernizzi, Antonio (ed.), In the Land of the Gryphons: Papers on Central Asian Archaeology in Antiquity; Monografie di Mesopotamia vol 5
Florence: Casa editrice italiana, 1995, p. 39-50.
Abstract: In this discussion of the Corinthian-type capitals that served as architectural decor in the Central Asian regions of Margiana, Bactria, and Parthia, those from Nisa are compared to capitals from Mesopotamian Seleucia on the Tigris. See review, C. A. Bromberg, Bulletin of the Asia Institute 9, 1995.
Bader, Andrei; Gaibov, Vassif; Gubaev, A.; Koshelenko, Gennadij A.; Lapshin, A. G. & Novikov, S.
"Ricerche nel complesso del Tempio Rotondo a Nisa Vecchia" (2002)
Parthica, 2002, vol. 4, p. 9-46.
Bader, Andrej; Gaibov, Vassif & Koshelenko, Gennadij A.
"New evidence on Parthian sphragistics: Bullae from the excavation of Göbekly-Depe in Margiana" (1990)
Mesopotamia, 1990, vol. 25, p. 61-78.
"Materials for an Archaeological Map of the Merv Oasis: The Durnali Region" (1992)
Mesopotamia, 1992, vol. 27
"The Northern Periphery of the Merv Oasis: From the Achaemenid Period to the Mongol Conquests" (1993-1994)
Journal of Silk Road Art and Archaeology, 1993, vol. 3 (1993-1994)
"Materials for an Archaeological Map of the Merv Oasis: The Durnali Region" (1994)
Bulletin of the Asia Institute, 1994, tome/ser. New, vol. 8, p. 117-128.
Abstract: On page 120ff, discusses the Parthian town with fortress at the Durnali site.
"Monarchic Ideas in Parthian Margiana as shown on Seals" (1998)
In: Curtis, Vesta Sarkhosh, Hillenbrand, Robert & Rogers, Michael (eds.), The art and archaeology of ancient Persia : new light on the Parthian and Sasanian empires
London: I.B. Tauris, 1996, p. 24-37.
Abstract: The art of the Parthian and Sasanian empires exercised enormous influence on art and culture in the early Islamic period and its legacy has continuing relevance in modern times. Pre-Islamic stylistic developments and motifs were widely adopted in the Islamic period: traditional mosque architecture, for example, draws much from Parthian and Sasanian forms.
Badian, E.
"Sulla's Cilician Command" (1959)
Athenaeum, 1959, tome/ser. N.S., vol. 37, p. 279-303.
Studies in Greek and Roman History (1964)
Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1964
Bagdad. al-Mathaf al-'Iraqi., Iraq., and Mudiriyat al-Athar al-Qadimah al-‘Ammah, Corp Author
A guide to the 'Iraq Museum collections, vi (1942)
Baghdad: Printed at the Govt. Press, 1942, 141 p.
Bagdad. al-Mathaf al-'Iraqi., Iraq., Corp Author
A guide to the collections in the 'Iraq Museum with One Hundred and Fourteen Pictures (1937)
Baghdad: Printed at the Govt. Press, 1937, 134 p.
Bahrami, Mehdi
"Courrier d'art de Tehéran: Encensoir de bronze de l'époque parthe" (1948)
Artibus Asiae, 1948, vol. 11, p. 288-292.
Baker, George Philip
A Book Of Battles That Determined The Course Of Civilization (1935)
1935, 288 p.
Abstract: This book depicts fifteen major battles throughout history with illustrated prints that are outstanding.
See Chapt. III. "Marcus Licinius and the defeat of the Roman army at Carrhae in Mesopotamia by the Parthians, May – June 53 B.C."
Baker, H. D., Matthews, R. J. & Postgate, J. N.
Lost Heritage: Antiquities Stolen from Iraq's Regional Museums, Fascicle 2 (1993)
London: British School of Archaeology in Iraq, 1993, viii+153 p.
Abstract: Includes photos of following accession numbers:
IM 010777; IM 002836; IM 014556; IM 032727; IM 032728; IM 032730; IM 032731; IM 032745; IM A 01718; IM 030681; IM 032767; IM A 05838; IM A 05847; IM 030963; IM 007475\3; IM 043233; IM 074567; IM 007473\5 or \6?; IM 007490\1; IM 007490\14; IM 014148; IM 025702; IM 029795; IM 041317; IM 042145; IM A 07466\3; IM A 07467\1; IM A 02709; IM 020670; IM 010041; IM 041756; IM 021570; IM 025833; IM 031031; IM 032752; IM A 05796\1; IM A 02294; IM 000729; IM 000753; IM 000774; IM 000776; IM 003754; IM 003755; IM 003756; IM 005854; IM A 00726; IM A 00775; IM A 03753; IM 003853; IM 025850; IM 027314; IM 029029; IM 030633; IM A 05803; IM 012311; A 00810; IM 041887; IM 011789; IM 032754; IM 020672; IM 009187; IM 043811; IM 013865; IM 026859; IM 026655; IM 047650; IM 052875; IM 022329; IM 120580; IM 060299; IM 061225; IM 062299; IM 014225; IM 040927; IM 120037; IM 010072; IM 120650; IM 087734; IM 017777; IM 120169; IM 059204; IM 087719; IM 087720; IM 087736; IM 087740; IM 087761; IM 120126; IM 070600; IM 070612; IM 078688; IM 077554; IM 009332; IM 027833; IM 062499; IM 079233; IM A 11651; IM 006823; IM 010094; IM 010852; IM 010903; IM 030543; IM 002917; IM 084670; IM 104989; IM 105000; IM 013505; IM 013608; IM 013522; IM 013612; IM 013540; IM 013549; IM 013550; IM 013559; IM 013565; IM 089456; IM 068160; IM 071503; IM 071521; IM 076623; IM 076624; IM 076631; IM 076564; IM 014717; IM 014719; IM 014743; IM 014757; IM 015162; IM 014873; IM 014877; IM 014844; IM 014882; IM 014821; IM 094255; IM 093097; IM 094133; IM 094201; IM 093049; IM 099940; IM 093112; IM 093707; IM 013668; IM 094069; IM 094301; IM 094966; IM 094630; IM 075009; IM 094638; IM 094409; IM 094644; IM 094115; IM 094304; IM 093753; IM 094804; IM 094544; IM 138008; IM 171363; IM 071332; IM 071369; IM 043040; IM 097233; IM 089362; IM 062555; IM 051850; IM 027516; IM 047024; IM 138123; IM 077561; IM 077573; IM 078945; IM 080826; IM 088698; IM 056334; IM 056318; IM 056332; IM 056306; IM 056309; IM 056341; IM 103987; IM 107348; IM 104079; IM 104083; IM 104084; IM 104085; IM 019030; IM 027205; IM 024476; IM 015471; IM 015575; IM 015545; IM 011442; IM 011454; IM 011443; IM 023909; IM 020430; IM 100086; IM 100113; IM 100133; IM 001950; IM 002080; IM 002404; IM 002440; IM 024766; IM 005247; IM 005925; IM 002638; IM 009826; IM 009827; IM 009835; IM A 09836; IM A 11047; IM 077821; IM 102748; IM 102815; IM 102817; IM 102834; IM 102855; IM 102858; IM 059043; IM 055735; IM 056654; IM 056660; IM 060597?; IM 060572; IM 060526; IM 060570; IM 061846; IM 109321; IM 109346; IM 109339; IM 065406; IM 117587; IM 177596; IM 117798; IM 117742; IM 021964; IM 056492; IM 056023; IM 056498; IM 056030; IM 056036; IM 005282; IM 005288; IM 022335; IM 006420; IM 021615; IM 021616; IM 021614; IM 021617; IM 021621; IM 021620; IM 021622; IM 006820; IM 063951; IM 069602; IM 070491; IM 072570; IM 074733; IM 074718; IM A 002303; IM A 002300; IM 029561; IM 030084; IM 075066; IM 075075; IM 075104; IM 075474; IM 075088; IM 075093; IM 026437; IM 072792; IM 039117; IM 033816; IM 026364; IM 072768; IM 072738; IM 026568; IM 018065; IM 016991; IM 073127; IM 138048; IM 138049; IM 138050; IM 075076; IM 075103; IM 075104; IM 075083; IM 075152; IM 075138; IM 075111; IM 075404; IM 075455; IM 075456; IM 075460; IM 079025; IM 079031; IM 079098; IM 079115; IM 108371; IM A 10082; IM 083702; IM 098502; IM 098707; IM 098987; IM 099128; IM 027777; IM 031811; IM 031820; IM 027615; IM 027889; IM 033001; IM 072701; IM 061183; IM 014656; IM 015637; IM 015619; IM 024358; IM 015666; IM 015692; IM 015678; IM 015700; IM 125098; IM 022180; IM 024516; IM 025420; IM 082073; IM 068490; IM 068499; IM 073181; IM 074566; IM 102203; IM 089526; IM 129985; IM 034976; IM 041002; IM 040750; IM 042052; IM 030314; IM 087597; IM 016280; IM 009678; IM 009696; IM 009634; IM 016259; IM 009393; IM 009376; IM 009398; IM 008656; IM 032928; IM 027092; IM 033517; IM 032583; IM 032632; IM 042207; IM 032975; IM 042234; IM 042228; IM 044986; IM 015836; IM 042349; IM 024631; IM 024865; 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Balcer, Jack Martin
"Parthian and Sasanian coins and burials" (1976)
In: Excavations at Tal-i Malyan. Pt. 2.
Iran, 1978, vol. 16, p. 86-92.
Ball, Warwick
Rome in the East: The Transformation of an Empire (2000)
London: Routledge, 2000
Abstract: A comprehensive, challenging, and elegantly written book, Rome in the East synthesizes extensive historical, archaeological, and architectural scholarship. The book relies on the author's own considerable Near Eastern archaeological researches and reveals the multiple ways in which Roman influence spread to the East and the multiple ways in which Eastern influences spread to Rome, with Rome eventually transforming itself into more of an Eastern rather than a Western or European power. Surveying a vast number of places across the Near East and South Asia, this abundantly illustrated volume emphasizes the degree of commingling of military, political, and religious influences across vast areas touched by Roman hegemony and challenges conventional understandings of Rome's legacies, West and East.
Balme, Maurice G. & Morwood, James
On the margin : marginalized groups in ancient Rome (2003)
New York: Oxford University Press, 2003
Abstract: Inscription 34(c) "A freedman from Parthia" (Dessau 1980)
Balty, J. C. & Van Rengen, W.
Apamea in Syria: The Winter Quarters of Legio II Parthica. Roman Gravestones from the Military Cemetery (1993)
Brussels: Paul & Company Publishers Consortium, Inc., 1993
Banerjea, J. N.
"The Scythians and Parthians in India" (1987)
In: Sastri, K.A.N., A Comprehensive History of India, vol. 2
New Delhi: Peoples Publishing House, 1987, p. 186-309, 830-838.
Bannister, J. T.
A survey of the Holy Land : its geography, history, and destiny : designed to elucidate the imagery of scripture and demonstrate the fulfillment of prophecy (1844)
In: Western books: The Middle East from the rise of Islam. Unit 1 ; fiches 856-863
Bath: Binns and Goodwin, 1844, xiv+575 p.
Abstract: See chapter 4 which includes subtitled text, "Invasion by The parthians"
Bar, Marc
"Un petit bronze de Phraates IV, roi des Parthes (c. 38-2 av. J.-C. ), présentant au revers une tãete triple" (1992)
Bulletin du Cercle d'Etudes numismatiques, 1992, vol. 29, no. 4 (Oct-Dec), p. 89-92.
"Monnaies grecques et assimilees trouvees en Belgique" (1996)
Bulletin du Cercle d'Etudes numismatiques, 1996, vol. 33, p. 1-20.
Abstract: Some 17 provincial coins, one denarius of Juba I and one tetradrachm of Parthia found in Belgium are described and illustrated. (Johan van Heesch)
Barag, D. & Tatton-Brown, V.
Catalogue of Western Asiatic glass in the British Museum / D. Barag with contributions by V. Tatton-Brown ... [et al.]. (1985)
In: Vol. 1
London: British Museum Press, 1985, 132 p.
Abstract: Begins with the first known piece of man-made glass from Sumer (21st century B.C.) and concludes with the Parthian and Roman periods. Focuses very much on the earliest ever glassmaking in Mesopotamia from 21st cenrury BC onwards. Tracks the influence on and from surrounding countries in the areas of Phoenicia, Parthia and Assyria and eventual Hellenistic and Roman glassmaking in the areas. 196 items of such glass in the B.M. described and discussed here.
Baratte, François
Orient et Occident : le témoignage d'une trouvaille d'argenterie d'époque parthe en Asie centrale (Annexe par H. FALK, "Names and Weights inscribed on some vessels from the silver hoard") (2001)
Journal des savants, 2001, no. Jul-Dec
East and West: a Central Asian Silver Hoard from the Parthian Era (2002)
London: Fox Communications & Publications, 2002, 62 p.
Abstract: translated by Romany Sadik. This exceptional find comprises a treasure of over forty-five silver objects which were discovered in Central Asia. They apparently came from a unique collection, as indicated by the markings on some of the objects and a number of the pieces also have Karoshti inscriptions.

Some of the objects are plain and characteristic of Parthian silver. However an important group have elaborate decoration. Whilst one of the cups is certainly Roman, other items raise problems as to their origins. Many objects without doubt come from Roman ateliers or from workshops influenced by Roman craftsmanship and styles.

Professor Baratte in a magisterial art-historical analysis discusses each of the items in detail. He describes their relationship to other known examples and their origin and the significance of any inscriptions.

This is a beautiful and important collection which illustrates the fusion of Central Asian cultures with the work of Western silversmiths and the emulators in those areas.

In an appendix Professor Harry Falk discusses the names and weights inscribed on some of the objects. [Publisher]
Barbier, Jean Paul
Argenterie de La Perse Antique : Achemenide, Sassanide et Post-Sassanide: Collection Jean Paul Barbier, Hôtel Drouot, Mai 1970
Paris: Hôtel Drouot, 1970, 15 p.
Barker, A. L.
"Identification Tables for Parthian Drachms and Tetradrachms" (1918)
Spink Numismatic Circular, 1918, no. 26 (Jul-Aug), p. 324-326.
Barker, Phil
The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome (1972)
Wargames Research Group, 1972, 4 ed.
Abstract: A Wargames Research Group publication written by Phil Barker and illustrated by Ian Heath. Organisation, tactics, dress and weapons. 146 illustrations and 200 shield patterns.

The armies covered are Roman, Byzantine, Gallic, British, Pictish, Scots/Irish, German, Dacian, Sarmatian, Frankish, Saxon, Vandal, Visigothic, Ostrogothic, Hunnic, Pontic, Parthian, Armenian, Jewish, Palmyran, Sassanid and Blemye.
Ancient Wargaming (1975)
1975, 64 p.
Abstract: Now any wargamer can lead a Roman legion into battle, ride to war on an elephant or chariot or relive the seige of Troy, This book provides all the basic information required to amass and fight intelligently with Greek hoplites, Roman lrgionaires, Parthian horse archers and many others. Details of Troop types & tactics. How to win battles using the wargamers research group playing rules. [Publisher]
Barnes, Ian & Hudson, Robert
The History Atlas of Asia (1998)
New York: Macmillan and Co., 1998
Barron, C. S.
"Iranian Numismatics; A Survey of Books Recently Published in Iran" (1976)
Oriental Numismatic Society Newsletter, 1976, vol. 43 (June), p. 3-4.
Bartal, Gyorgy
À parthus, hun-magyar schytakrol (1862)
Pest: 1862
Bartel, Hans-Georg, Hennig, Horst & Kauschka, Günter
"Some Analyses of Glazes from Assur in Mesopotamia/Iraq" (1998)
In: Biró, Katalin T. & Horváth, Tünde, 31st International Symposium on Archaeometry, An International Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods and Advanced Technology in the study of Archaeological Finds and other fields of Arts and Antiquities, Budapest, 27 April - 1 May 1998
Budapest: István Gedai, 1998
Abstract: The Berlin Vorderasiatisches Museum SMPK has a large collection of objects from excavations at Assur in Mesopotamia/Iraq, operated by Walter Andrae and his team between 1903 and 1914. Several glazes of objects from this collection were studied:
- Old-Assyrian spacer beans (glazed sintered quartz, 18th century BC)
- Neo-Assyrian glazed pottery and knob plates (10th - 7th century BC)
- Fragments of Parthian sarcophagus lids (2nd century BC - 3rd century AD)

The aim of this study is to compare glazes from Assur produced in different pre-Islamic periods with those of other sites in ancient Mesopotamia. The composition of the glazes and the chemical nature of their colorants were of specific interest.
Barthélemy, M. l'Abbé
"Remarques sur quelques médailles publiées par différens auteurs" (1968)
In: MAIBL 32
1768, p. 671-684.
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