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Altheìm-Stiehl, Ruth
"Die Zeitangaben der mittelpersischen Dipinti in der einstigen Synagoge zu Dura-Euronos" (1982)
Boreas, 1982, vol. 5, p. 152 ff.
Ambos, Claus
Nanaja - eine ikonographische Studie zur Darstellung einer altorientalischen Göttin in hellenistisch-parthischer Zeit (2003)
Zeitschrift für Assyriologie, 2003, vol. 93, no. 2 (Dec), p. 231-272.
Abstract: Many depictions and representations of the Mesopotamian goddess Nanaja are attested from about the second Century BC until the second Century AD. During this time the cult of Nanaja, equated by the Greeks with Artemis, reached its climax, being attested from Greece and Egypt to far-away Bactria. Her iconographic characteristica are those of a moon-goddess. In cuneiform texts Nanaja is regarded as daughter of the moon-god Sîn, but there are no indications that she was a moon-goddess herseif; so this trait of Nanaja seems to be the result of a late development. [Author]
American Numismatic Association
Counterfeit Coin Bulletin (2000-2002)
Colorado Springs: American Numismatic Association, 2000
Abstract: The Counterfeit Coin Bulletin was launched as a joint effort by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN). It replaced the Bulletin on Counterfeits which had been produced by the International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins (IBSCC) for the IAPN since the 1970s. Unfortunately, in 2003 the ANA no longer felt able to continue with the joint venture. As of May 2004 the IAPN had not announced a successor journal.

See the cumulative index (April 2000 - November 2002) at http://www.coinauthentication.co.uk/bulletinindex.html
"Parthian Gold and Silver: Genuine Coins or Modern Forgeries?" (2001)
Counterfeit Coin Bulletin, 2001, no. Nov
Abstract: A group of silver and gold Parthian coins were declared false in Bulletin on Counterfeits 19/2 (1994/5). The condemnation was challenged and the issue resolved through legally binding arbitration. This article summarizes the arbitrator's final report. Quoting the measured, thoughtful words of a true numismatic scholar, the report is harsh condemnation indeed.
Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr Valentinovich
Kingdom of the beast: Armenia and Rome, volume 1 [in Russian] (1896)
In: Complete works of A. V. Amfiteatrov. Volume 33
Petrograd: Samoobrazovanie, 1896, 361 p.
Abstract: Description: the book contains 10 Chapters:
Asia. Parthian Empire. Moses Khorenatsi
- ARMENIA. Euphrates. Roads to the Far East
- Pontian Empire. Mithridates Eupator of Pontus
- Lucullus. Tigranes the Great of Armenia
- Pompeus
- The end of Mithradates
- Crassus. Fight at Carrhae
- Antonius.
- On border of republic and Principatus
- Petticoat governments in Asia Minor.
Amiet, P.
"Nouvelles acquisitions: Antiquitiés parthes et sassanides" (1967)
La Revue du Louvre, 1967, vol. 17, no. 4-5, p. 273-282.
"Antiquités Parthes et Sassanides, dans La Revue du Louvre" (1967)
Revue du Louvre, 1967, vol. 17, p. 273 ff.
Art of the ancient Near East (1980)
New York: Abrams, 1980, 618 p.
Abstract: Translation of L'art antique du Proche-Orient, 1977.

Photographs by Jean Mazenod. Several of the objects photographed by Mazenod in L'art antique du Proche-Orient that are attributed to the Louvre are actually in the Iraq Museum or, at least, were there in the 1960s. It is possible that they comprised part of an exchange made by the two museums. [Jerome M. Esienberg]
"La sculpture susienne à l'époque de l'empire parthe" (2001)
Iranica Antiqua, 2001, vol. 36, p. 239-281.
Ammianus Marcellinus
Ammianus Marcellinvs. Res Gestae, i-ii (Books 14-31) (1978)
In: Seyfarth, Wolfgang (ed.), Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana
Leipzig: 1978
Ammianus Marcellinus / with an English translation by John C. Rolfe (1986)
In: Loeb classical library. Latin authors ; 300, 315, 331
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1986
Abstract: 1982-1986. Latin and English on facing pages.
Anagnostopoulos, Nikos (dir.)
Time Sleeps in the Orient (Greek title: Sta prosopa tis Anatolis Kimate o Chronos) (1993)
Greek Film Centre, 1993
Abstract: October 1993
Direction: Nikos Anagnostopoulos
Script: Nikos Anagnostopoulos
Cinematography: Ilias Konstantakopoulos
Editing: Takis Koumoundouros Fani Ziozia
Music: Nikos Xydakis
Production: Nikos Anagnostopoulos
The documentary was shot in the Republic of Turkmenistan between the ancient Oxus (Amu Dar'ya) and Jaxartes (Syr-Dar'ya) rivers, south-east of the Caspian Sea and north of Persia and Afghanistan, in a journey that lasted two months. Through the archaeological finds, the sand and the stones, the legends, the songs and the forgotten images, the film attempts to recapture the historic meeting of Greek civilisation with the peoples of the Orient.
Turkmenistan lies at the cross-roads of the most ancient civilisation on earth. In the Kara-Kum (Black Sands) Desert and on the mountain range of Kopet-Dag that stretches from Caspia to India, the film crew came across the ruins of proto-Zoroastrian temples, the birthplace of Zarathustra, ancient Parthia of the Arsacid dynasty and its capital, Nysa, the mythical city of Dionysus. The supreme moment in this captivating documentary, the camera meeting the people. The faces of the Nokhurli, who believe that they are the most ancient inhabitants of Turkmenia bear traces from the passage of history and their souls the deeply rooted conviction that they are descended from Alexander the Great.

In 1991 Nikos Anagnostopoulos made a series of four documentaries for the second channel of Greek Television entitled A History of Greek Coins (in Greek).
Anderson, J. G. C.
"The eastern frontier from Tiberius to Nero" (1934)
In: The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 10
1934, p. 743-780.
"The eastern frontier under Augustus" (1934)
In: The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 10
1934, p. 239-283.
“The Parthian Pretender of A.D. 55” (1934)
In: Cook, S. A. et al., The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 10: The Augustan Empire 44 B.C. – A.D. 70
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1934
Anderson, Michael E.
The Parthian Interpreter: An Odyssey of the Later Empire (2007)
Booklocker.com, Inc., 2007, 532 p.
Abstract: A Roman senator and his Parthian slave battle their way across half the world to reach China. Their growing conflicts cause one man to lose his soul while the other finds love and purpose far from his birth country.
Andrae, W.
Hatra : nach Aufnahmen von Mitgliedern der Assur-Expedition der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft (1908-1912)
In: Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichung der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft (Vols. 9 & 21)
Osnabrück: O. Zeller, 1984
Das wiedererstandene Assur (1938)
München: Beck, 1977
Andrae, W. & Lenzen H.
Die Partherstadt Assur (1933)
In: Wissenschaftliche veröffentlichung der Deutschen Orient-gesellschaft. 57
Leipzig: J.C. Hinrichs, 1933
Abstract: See esp. pp. 25-54 and pls. 9-11 about the Parthian vaulted arch and the already established so-called "Islamic four eyvan" plan of architecture.
Andreas, F. C. & W. B. Henning
Mitteliranische Manichaica aus Chinesisch-Turkestan. II (1933)
In: Sitzungsberichte der königlichen preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
1933, p. 294-363.
Mitteliranische Manichaica aus Chinesisch-Turkestan. III (1934)
In: Sitzungsberichte der königlichen preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
1934, p. 846-912.
Abstract: Same as Walter B. HENNING: Selected Papers I [Acta Iranica 14], pp. 275-339.
Angeli Bertinelli, Maria Gabriella
"I Romani oltre l'Eufrate nel II secolo D.C. (le province di Assiria, di Mesopotamia e di Osroene)" (1976)
Aufstieg und Nidergang der römischen Welt, 1976, vol. 2, no. 9.1, p. 3-45.
Roma e l'Oriente. Strategia, economia, società e cultura nelle relazioni politiche fra Roma, la Giudea e l'Iran (1979)
In: Problemi e ricerche di storia antica ; 7
Rome: L'Erma di Bretschneider, 1979, 176 p.
"Traiano in oriente. La conquista dell'Armenia, della Mesopotamia e dell'Assiria" (2000)
In: González, Julián (ed.), Trajano. Emperador de Roma, Saggi di storia antica ; 16Roma 2000, S. 25-54
Rome: L'Erma di Bretschneider, 2000
A Guide to Collecting Parthian Coins and Their Values (1978)
Abstract: One page introduction to Parthian coins followed by three pages of text and three pages of poor quality plates.

7" x 9". Card Covers. 4 Pages. 3 Plates. Unauthorized reprint from NFA Publication No. 10 mail bid sale catalog dated September-October 1978.
Routes de la soie: vingt-deux siecles d'Histoire des deserts de l'Asie aux rives du monde occidental lattes (1992)
1992, 402 p.
Abstract: Avec cartes des routes terrestres et maritimes,10 pages de photos noir et blanc l'ouveture de la route de la soie, les 1er et N è siècles de notre ère, la Chine des Han, des Parthes et des Romains, la Syrie, l'Egypte romaines,l'empire des perses sassanides,l'empire byzantin, l'Islam, la Chine des Tang, les nouvelles relations Occident - Orient, les croisades de la Chine mongole, les bouleversements de la route de la soie, les papes en Avignon, la soie sous François Ier, charles Quint et Soliman le Magnifique, les nouveaux aventuriers explorateurs de la route de la soie, l'opération de l'UNESCO [Publisher]
Anquetil, M. (Louis Pierre)
Précis de l'histoire universelle (1805)
In: 12 volumes
Paris: Maradan, 1805
Abstract: See Parthia in volume 2. In 1811 edition, Parthia is in volume 3.
A summary of universal history ... : Exhibiting the rise, decline, and revolutions of the different nations of the world, from the creation to the present time / Translated from the French of M. Anquetil (1805-1809)
In: 9 volumes
Philadelphia: C. P. Wayne, 1809
Abstract: See Parthia in volume 2.
Anthony, John
Collecting Greek Coins (1983)
New York: Longman, 1983
Abstract: Chapter on Parthia
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'
L'Empire des Parthes (1755)
In: Crevier, Jean Baptiste Louis, The history of the Roman emperors from Augustus to Constantine
London: J & P Knapton, 1755, 1 p.
Abstract: Map by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' Anville (1697-1782), one of the finest cartographers of the 18th Century. He was known for the meticulousness of his work and this set him apart from his European contemporaries. He wanted to create cartographic maps based on astronomic observations and show only those phenomena that existed, thus leaving many empty spaces. He firmly believed that one could not fill a map with fictitious or superfluous material in order to compensate the lack of geographical knowledge available at the time.
Apakidze, A. & Nikolaishvili, V.
"An Aristocratic Tomb of the Roman Period from Mtskhata, Georgia" (1994)
Antiquaries' Journal, 1994, vol. 74, p. 16-54.
Abstract: The authors record 34 Roman and Parthian coins among other items from a wealthy grave deposit of the second or third century A.D. (Stephen P. Doolan)
Appianus of Alexandria
The History of Appian of Alexandria. In Two Parts : The First Consisting of the Punick, Syrian, Parthian, Mithridatick, Illyrian, Spanish and Hannibalick Wars : The Second containing five books of the Civil Wars of Rome. Made English by J. Davies (1690)
London: John Amery, 1690
Abstract: Unif title Historia Romana. English. This important translation by John Davies (1625-1693) is often wrongly ascribed to John Dryden.
Appiani Historia romana (1962)
In: Viereck, Paul & Roos, A. G. (eds.), Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana, P. Viereck, A.G. Roos
Leipzig: Teubner, 1962
Appian's Roman history / with an English translation by Horace White (1964)
In: Loeb classical library : Greek Authors
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1964
Abstract: Text in Greek and English on opposite pages. The first two volumes of the present edition have been revised and prepared for the press by J. D. Denniston; the last two volumes, by E. Iliff Robson
Syriake (1964)
In: White, Horace (tr.), Appian's Roman history, Book 11
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1964
Arberry, Arthur John
The Legacy of Persia (1963)
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1963
Abstract: Chapter 7 (pages 174-198). The linguistics of Parthian/Pahlavi are described and how these are related to the modern Persian of today.
Armanjani, Yahya
Iran (1971)
In: Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
Prentice-Hall, 1971
Arnaud, Pascal
"Les Guerres des Parthes et de l'Armémie dans la première moitié du premier siècle av.n.è.: problèmes de chronologie et d'extensione territoriale (95 B.C.-70 B.C.)" (1987)
Mesopotamia, 1987, vol. 22
"Les guerres parthiques de Gabinius et de Crassus et la politique occidentale des Parthes Arsacides entre 70 et 53 av. J.-C" (1998)
In: Dabrowa, Edward, Ancient Iran and the mediterranean world. Proceedings of an international conference in honour of Professor Józef Wolski held at the Jagiellonian university, Cracow, in September 1996 (Electrum. Studies in Ancient History. 2.)
1998, p. 13-34.
The History of the Successors and the Parthica
Flavius Arrianus, i-ii (1958-1961)
Cambridge, Mass:
Arrian, with an English translation by P. A. Brunt (1976)
In: Loeb classical library. Greek authors ; nos. 236, 269
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1976
Abstract: Vol. 1 is a revision of the 1929 edition; vol. 2 is a reprint of the 1933 edition. Greek and English on opposite pages.
v. 1. Anabasis Alexandri, Books I-IV.
v. 2. Anabasis Alexandri (Books V-VII). Indica (Book VIII). With an English translatin by E. Iliff Robson
ars libri ltd.
The Library of Professor Richard N. Frye: Iran & Central Asia (2004)
ars libri ltd., 2004
Abstract: Includes 5,050 monographs in ca. 6,500 volumes, and 108 serial titles in ca. 3,600 volumes.
The Library of Professor Dr. Karl Jettmar: Cultures of the Karakorum Highway & Eurasia, and Their Relationship with Adjacent Civilizations. Part II: Inscriptions of the Seleucid and Parthian Periods and of Eastern Iran and Central Asia (2004)
ars libri ltd., 2004
Abstract: Includes 5632 monographs in ca. 6,500 volumes, and 118 serial titles in ca. 2,500 volumes.
Asatrjan, G. S.
Infinitivy v srednepersidskom i parfjanskom (na materiale turfanskih tekstov) (1983)
Istoriko-Filologicheskii Zhurnal, 1983, no. 1, p. 161-176.
Pricastija na -an v zapadnosredneiranskih jazykah (na materiale turfanskih tekstov) (1983)
In: Larber Hasprakakan Gitowt'yownneri 1983/5
1983, p. 53-56.
Asdourian, P.
Die politischen Beziehungen zwischen Armenien and Rom von 190 v. Chr. bis 428 n. Chr. (1911)
Fribourg: 1911
Die politischen Beziehungen zwischen Armenien and Rom von 190 v. Chr. bis 428 n. Chr. Ein Abriss der armenischen Geschichte dieser Periode" (1911)
Freiburg (Schweiz): 1911
Abstract: Phil. Diss. Freiburg (Schweiz) 1911
Asgari Chaverdi, A. & Azarnoush, Massoud
"Barresī-ye bāstān-šenāḫtī-ye moḥavvaṭe-hā-ye bāstānī pas garan-hā-ye ḫalīj-e fārs : Lāmerd va Mohr, Fārs" [Archaeological Survey in the Hinterland of the Persian Gulf: Lamerd and Mohr Districts, Fars]
Iranian Journal of Archaeology and History : Madjalle-ye-Bastanshenasi wa Tarikh, vol. 18, no. 2 (Serial No. 36), p. 3-18 (p. 2 English summary).
Abstract: Article qui développe le court rapport donné dans Iran, 40 (2002) ; cette prospection, intéressante par la méthode développée sur le terrain et dans l’analyse des données, est importante par ses résultats. Le sud du Fars et la région côtière ont été très peu explorés jusqu’à présent et, si on possède une information fragmentaire pour la période islamique, les époques antérieures sont à peine connues par de rapides reconnaissances et l’une des questions est de savoir si l’occupation humaine y était importante alors. La recherche approfondie sur un secteur réduit donne une partie de l’explication (les cartes et le tableau pp. 11-14 sont particulièrement clairs) : un site préhistorique, quatre achéménides, plus d’une dizaine de l’époque parthe, puis le double à l’époque sassanide pour atteindre 50 au début de l’époque islamique. Il faut souhaiter le développement des prospections dans cette région pour confirmer cette évolution, avec un changement net aux époques parthe et sassanide. [Rémy Boucharlat, Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 27, mis en ligne le : 2 janvier 2007. URL http://abstractairanica.revues.org/document5795.html]
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